Business Debt Consolidation

Consolidation of business liabilities

Funding (or 'consolidation of corporate debt') means consolidating several corporate debts into one or changing one loan into another. A review of the types of corporate debt that small entrepreneurs and the self-employed can face. Flexible loans are available to help you consolidate your existing debt to make it easier for your business to manage.

trade debt

When you are self-employed, own a business, or are a retailer and struggle with your debt, Debt Solutions can provide help. When you are a small business and struggle with debt, you will undoubtedly find it very hard. Since you are a private entrepreneur, you cannot divide your business and your private debt.

It is your responsibility to pay for all business debt that is handled in the same way as your own debt, even if you have ceased to trade. Feel free to call our accounts receivable consultants at 0800 043 0200 for tips and information on Sole Trader debt. When your company is a partnership, all your business associates are collectively accountable for all debt that the company may have.

Debt cannot be divided into shareholder interests; all shareholders are liable for the entire debt. Thus, in a situation where one party cannot pay the debt, the creditor requires the other party to pay the debt. When one of the company's associates goes into bankruptcy even though the debt is written off for him, the other associates can still be pursued by the company's lenders for the full debt.

Call our debt counsellors at 0800 043 0200 for advices and information on partnership debt.

Consolidation and funding of corporate debt

The management of corporate financial affairs can sometimes be diabolically challenging, but understanding when the right moment to restructure debt has come can help SME shareholders get their business back on course. Certain types of financing, such as factoring or corporate credits can bind business proprietors into long-term repetitive expenses with spikes in their tails.

Loans to a peer-to-peer company could help consolidated several debt streams and give shareholders precious freedom to return to what motivated them to start a business: Boost your liquidity: Short-term liabilities can be transformed into a predictable long-term budget. Eliminate needless attorney fees: Pay off debt and prevent the payment of unpleasant charges.

Creditors can recognize a good, lucrative business that needs a little help to better handle pecuniary obligations - just one of the ways peer-to-peer credit provides better value than banking. We also build business relations with the target group, assisting them to obtain further financing for expansion in the near term, and win new business from creditors and their partners.

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