Business Insurance

corporate insurance

As a small business grows, its risks often become more complex, making consulting insurance solutions increasingly important. Complete this simple form and we will send you personalised quotes from a number of leading insurers. A sports business insurance policy for companies offering sports coaching and PPA coverage together with any other company operating in the sports industry.

Parcel & small business insurance

For this reason, AGCS provides a wide and accessible small business insurance policy as well as small business policy for medium-sized enterprises. Knowing the unparalleled levels of exposure of small and midsize business owners we are committed to providing comprehensive advice to help you prevent loss. Small and medium-sized enterprises present uniquely insurance solutions.

With our all-in-one solutions, your midsize business is equipped with the security you need. Parcel insurance from Wacker Neuson provides cover for companies in a wide range of industries, among them properties and processing industries. Business owner insurance for retailers and malls. The cover will protect your business revenue, your assets, your staff and more.

We can work with your brokers to create a comprehensive business owner insurance plan tailored to the individual needs of your business, incorporating options such as Extended Disclaimer - Select the agility to add exactly the cover you need with our extended disclaimer. Benefits include: extended health care payment, dentistry, flat-rate insurance cover, bodily injuries and third parties discriminatory treatment, and tenant statutory liabilities up to $1 million - more than the default $300,000 limit of most other insurance carriers.

Roof Third Party Responsibility - Extend your coverage by including a Roof Third Party Directive that complements your Business Owner Directive. With our umbrage risk options, we offer available exposure levels of up to $10 million.

Industrial Non-Life Insurance & Business Suspension Insurance

Business real estate and business disruption insurance - world-wide. Focusing on large scale multinational or domestic exposures, our international insurance portfolio offers tailor-made "All Risks" insurance for general and business interruptions. Insurance for the vast majority of the Fortune 500 globally operating businesses, the management of over 1000 non-life insurance programmes globally and the appointment of a senior management teams with an average of over 20 years seniority speak for themselves.

Our expertise in industrial non-life insurance enables us to counteract risks that other insurance companies cannot take on. An example of this is our HPR insurance, which is available in the USA. It is a good choice if you own large office space and need wide, versatile cover. This can be, for example, a comprehensive worldwide threat assessment programme or working with the customer to assess any threat from disaster hazards using state-of-the-art real estate modelling technology.

And, in the case of damage, our experts concentrate on getting you up and running again without delays, using our networks and our on-site capabilities to provide a quick and determined reaction. We set up a business disruption taskforce together with our customer in the case of complicated business continuance situations.

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