Business Lending Rates

Loan interest for companies

rates of interest On our Web pages and on our wireless devices, we use cookie and similar technology to help us deliver the best possible experiences to you. Through the use of our Web pages and our Web site application, you consent to our storing and accessing your computer with the use of our cookie and similar technology. Please see our past interest rates for business saving and for those that are no longer available to clients.

Display interest rates for void business customer account balances, which include Tax Savers, Liquidity Access Account, Liquidity Access Manager Account, Liquidity Manager Day Notice Account and Bonus Savers.

Interest and business fees

The interest rates invoiced for borrowings are negotiated at the date of request and are generally calculated on the basis of a spread above our basic banking interest rates or the basic interest rates of the Bank of England (official banking rate). The interest rates calculated for these facility are negotiated at the moment of request and are calculated on the basis of a spread over the 3-month ICE Sterling LIBOR interest rates (rounded down to three digits ) on the first working days of the months in which the benefit is claimed.

Tariff is applicable for a 3 months timeframe starting from the first working date of the months in which the Facilities are utilized and subsequently rolled back every three months. The interest rates for business customers' time accounts shall be the interest rates applicable on the date the money is invested for the duration of the investment.

There may be no incremental payments or receipts on our business contributions during the period of the contribution. #Gross rate. Once a personal saving allowance has been introduced, we no longer subtract taxes from the interest on your saving. By earning interest on your personal saving allowance, you are obliged to directly transfer all applicable taxes to HM Revenue and Customs.

To learn more about your personal savings allowance, please go to the government's website at and Yorkshire Bank are the trade marks of Clydesdale Bank PLC.

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