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Commercial loans available

Even though banks have reduced their lending to small businesses in recent years, it may still be worthwhile to apply. If this option does not work for you, however, there are always a number of other options available. Cross-check business loans from a variety of lenders; see all financing options available to you across the market; find business loans quickly and without commitment.

Banks, building societies, specialist financiers and Internet brokers offer loans tailored to the needs of small businesses.

The next step

Seed Credit is a government-backed private credit available to an individual wishing to set up or develop a business in the UK. Featuring a set interest fee of just 6% per year and the option of borrowing between 500 and 25,000, Start-up Loans provide an accessible funding resource to help new and early business starters implement their business plan.

Starter loans are available to persons over the ages of 18 who are entitled to set up a business in the UK. An individual may only get a start-up credit, but more than one affiliate in a company may be entitled to request a credit. As soon as you have determined that you fulfil the requirements, contact us and we will give you all the help and information you need to complete your application.

The following is a list of credit suppliers within Scotland - that is: When you are entitled to participate, why not make a reservation in one of our One-to-One Start-up Credit Interviews? Personal appointments with the next appointments: Just fill out the contact information below to see if you are authorized and if you are, just sign up for one of our events and we will take you through the process!

Business Finance DSL

Lending of 5,000 to 30,000 is available from ADSL Business Finances, a not-for-profit lending company specialising in start-up and venture financing for small businesses, philanthropic organisations and welfare businesses that are not able to obtain funds from bank. This is an ethically responsible creditor; any profits it makes are reinvested in granting credit to small businesses, rather than giving it to stockholders or giving it to employees.

With a state system known as The Enterprise Finance Guarantee, ADSL can grant loans to companies even if they have no collateral or have been rejected by the bank. Founded in 1993, with investments of 7 million, more than 600 companies have benefited from DSL's support to 2,000 job-creation projects.

Are you a small business, a charitable organisation or a welfare company based in central Scotland, Fife included, you can submit an application. Loans are available to both start-ups and current companies that fulfil all the requirements.

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