Buy to let Remortgage

Purchase to rent Remortgage.

When you want to borrow money to buy a property with the intention of renting it out, you need a buy-to-lease mortgage. We have developed a range of buy to let mortgages for the purchase of rental properties. Buy-to-Lease mortgage can be obtained if:.

Remembering a Mortgage

On our Web sites and wireless apps, we use cookie and similar technology to help us deliver the best possible experiences to you. When your buy-to-let mortgages are with another creditor, you can help yourself to saving by repaying the loan. While our Mortgages Interest Calculator allows you to quickly check our interest levels and our recurring costs, our Agreement in Principle gives you an idea of what you can lend without compromising your credibility.

If you transfer your mortgages to us, we shall charge the usual rights and appraisal charges (exclusions apply). You have the option of requesting your mortgages on-line, at a bank or by telephone. Go on-line if you feel at ease selecting your own business without having to talk to anyone on our mortgages staff.

With our loan interest calculator and the agreement in Principle Tool, you can quickly find our loan formulas, the cost per month and how much you can lend at home, where the information we need is readily available. Only interest or principal and interest rates are available on-line. Should you require a "part capitals & interest, part interest only" loan, please contact us by telephone or at the office.

We speak you through the lifecycle and make an appointement with someone in our lending office, on the telephone or at a retail outlet. It can take up to 2 hrs to make your appointments, according to your personal situation and the number of objects you have. In order to help you conserve your precious amount of money, take a look at how much a monthly fee our loans could costs, or sign an agreement in principle in about 15 min to see how much we can loan you before you speak to us.

Call us to make an appointment by telephone with a mortgages consultant. Please contact us if you have any queries about applying for a mortgages with us. Chats are available on-line or by telephone, or you can go to your nearest office.

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