Buying a second House

Purchase of a second house

Purchase of a second house to reside in - Stamp Duty Hello there, is brief history (and I have been reading other thread (s), but mostly they are folks who want to do dubious bookkeeping to bypass them), any way to lawfully avoid the 3% postage when you buy a second home to move into and lease out your pristine possession? £90k for 3 years, and was living strictly in it. I now make enough to build a larger house (around the £200,000 mark). Enough to save for the security and fees etc (even the 3% additional tax for second homes). £70k on my present house.

It'?s my idea to let out my house.

Output I have with the second house is 3% postage. ýI can see if I was some serious feature type icon, but Iým not, and I move my house and donýt buy a new house as a buy to let. £90k home, but I am unwilling to accept the 3% payment on the new £200k house and be punished as if the £200k house is a purchase to leave.

Do not believe there is an option but to dump the 3% bonus up and either reside with it or sell the GBP 90-k house within 3 years. As an alternative, you can buy the house and demand 3% back on the house, then rent another house as a purchase.

Wouldn't the sale of the £90k house be on, say, a boyfriend and then buying it back overboard? Also, I run a private Limited Liability House and have thought about having the private Limited Liability House buy the house from me, but I cannot see that this is a financial advantage. Other reason why I don't want to sale the £90k Property is because 1) it would take me DAYS to move no matter how much wrapping I do before 2) it has to be redecorated and it's almost impossibly as I live there as I've grown out of it massive 3) I want to buy before the end of Summer and 4) I think I could get a better deal that' not in a necklace.

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