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It' quick and easy to get free condoms over the c:card network. a-card Schema This c-card programme is designed for youngsters aged between 13 and 24 who can sign up to receive a series of free travel cards, femidomas, lubricants, embankments, information and tips. Providing healthcare and help for young adults to gain entry to community based caregivers. To learn more about the c-card schema, please visit: www.brook.

org.uk/find-a-service/regions/bedfordshire/bedfordshire-condom-card-scheme or click here.

Card of the C-condom (under 25 years)

Being a member of the C-Card program gives you FREE of charge free condom use ( externally and internally ), lubricants and oral/dental glands as well as a lot of information and suggestions. To join the system, you must attend a 3 in 1 registrar. Only for children under 25 years of age. To find the closest 3 in 1 point, search for the C-Card registry in the Service Finder.

Wherever you see the 3 in 1 logotype, you can use the following web site services: In order to be able to access our site, you must be under 25 years of age. Please note that you can only use our site if you are under 25 years of age. 2. How does the C-Card register work? 3-in-1 system gathers aggregated aggregate information (not personally identifying information) about young individuals who sign up for a C-Card to track trend in the use of C-Cards.

You will receive a C-Card with your unique ID number after your inscription. This map can be taken to many places in the town and you can get free travel cards. Outer or inner contraceptives are the only contraceptive that, when used correctly, can protect against both sexual transmission and unscheduled pregnancies.

Outside cotton is made of very thin rubber and can be used for orally, anally and vagally as well. When used properly, 98% of male and female users are using a condom externally. That means that two out of 100 females who use outside contraceptives will become pregnant in one year. Many different condom forms, dimensions, textures and flavors are available on the outline.

There are some folks who are hypersensitive to rubber, so we also sell non-latex items. Every C-Card Condome carries both the CE symbol and the British dragon symbol, i.e. they have been certified according to British and EU safety standards. You can find a guide on how to use an extern plug here.

A condom is an alternate to an outside condom. There is a slightly higher default frequency for inner and outer use. With correct use, the inner cotton balls are 95% efficient. That means that five out of 100 females who use inner contraceptives will become pregnant one year. Inner condensers are supplied fully greased to facilitate handling.

Click here for more information about indoor condensers. A lubricant is always applied with C-card cotton discs because it has been shown that it makes cotton discs less tear-resistant during intercourse. Always use water-based slip agents only with rubber gloves. This is a rubber or urethane rectangle, approx. 15cm x 15cm, with which you can coat the rectum or rectum during oral sex.

They act as a bar to keep the STI from moving from one individual to another during orgasm. Embankments, like a condom, should only be used once. Dams cannot be used for penetrating sexual intercourse. These are also known as tooth dykes.

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