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Obtain a login for the C-Card Admin System Demo and take a closer look. Through the C-Card program, young people can gain access to condoms, lubricants and all questions related to sex. C-card system - free sexually oriented counselling and Condom Service for young persons

With the C-Card system, young persons have easy condom and lubricant contact and can ask any question about having Sex, having STBs, and having a relationship. Counselling is free and in confidence and is intended to help young adults make the right decision about whether they are healthy or not. It is available at a number of locations, including: chemist's shops.

Further information on the C-card system can be found on our website: www.ccardnottinghamshire.co.uk. In order to obtain a C-card, you must visit a registry and register with a qualified C-card processor. Your skilled representative will talk to you about a number of things that include sexual intercourse, an STI, gestation, relationship and how to use a comdom.

As soon as this is completed and the workman has the feeling that you are prepared for a C card, you will receive a C card with your unique ID number and can begin to access free lubricants and free travel companions. More information about where you can get a C-Card can be found on our website: www.ccardnottinghamshire.co.uk.

Free Condoms: Sexual Health Oxfordshire Condoms: Security c-card Scheme

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Lincolnshire Healthy Families

Lincolnshire C-Card Scheme provides free information on Lubricants, Rubber and Skin Care for young adults from 13 to 19 years of age. In order to join the C-Card, you must log in to one of the C-Card registrars. The information is strictly private and cannot be used to identify you. Receive a cheque-like C-Card.

C-Card Schema is private unless the C-Card Worker believes he or she is in danger of being harmed by you or anyone else, or a criminal offence has been committed. The C-Card Worker is not responsible for any of the above. You can find many C-Card locations throughout Lincolnshire. There are some that provide registrations and pick-ups and others that provide pick-ups only. Boats Market Lawn 4 Queen St, Market Lawn.

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