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Do you rate Cambridge Credit Counseling? You completely deceived me from the start. Thought I was insured for all the month since booking, but as it turned out later, I was behind a prepayment to one of my lenders. Consequently, my creditworthiness was compromised. I' d suggest it to anyone who doesn't want to take out a mortgage to cash out credit cards.

Don't worry, I would commend Cambridge Credit Counseling to anyone. Cambridge Credit Counseling was very satisfying for us. Glen Gauthier was very cooperative, courteous and easily reachable. Highly satisfied with Cambridge CC. I' ve been on Cambridge's credit bureau for about six month. While I was not quite sure whether to use credit risk mitigation or a credit restructuring scheme, Cambridge Credit Counseling was the right option for me.

I have drastically cut my credit interest, and my credit balance is dropping every month. My budgets and my payment are organised and the people in Cambridge work closely with me. I' m currently a Cambridge customer. All I have to do is make the better choices with a credit or debit card and not use it unnecessarily.

I' ve found that my credit score continues to fall and despite tickets that have been adopted into the programme for more than 60 days now - I still receive criminal reports on those accounts on my credit reports. Talking about the problem with both your business and the creditor, I got little or no information on how to do this STOP.

Myself, I seem to be the only one affected about my creditworthiness and any further damage done to my credit record.

The Cambridge Credit Advisory Company

With Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp. you can make up for your losses! The Cambridge Credit Debt Management Program has helped tens of millions of people, just like you - those who make money each and every months, but high interest rate makes it virtually unthinkable to cut your account balances. Thats because most of your monthly paying goes towards interest rate, so very little has to be paid towards balancing.

Cambridge Credit Programme allows you to make one easy single purchase per months to manage all your vendors. Leave your debts much quicker and safe a lot of cash with lower interest and lower montly repayments. In addition, Cambridge Credit's state-of-the-art customer tracking system gives you 24-hour control over your transactions and other important bank statement information.

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