Can anyone get a Credit Card

Could anyone get a credit card?

In order to reduce your chances of being rejected for a credit card, you must ensure that you are registered on the voter list at your address and are busy. Everyone who wants to transfer cash to their bank account and owes something to a card company instead. Could anyone get a cashback card? Could anyone get a low interest credit card?

The reason why this apparently costly credit card is deserving of its yearly charge - especially for those who are traveling.

American Express' Platinum Card has a much higher annuity ($550) than most credit or debit card, which can discourage some to use. The advantages and privileges you can get from the card, however, far exceed the costs of the card as long as you use it.

Admission to the International Airports Lobby, up to $200 in over credit per year, an $200 per year airfare and discounts at hotel rates around the globe are just some of the many advantages the card has to offer. The American Express Platinum Card has existed in one way or another since the eighties and provides advantages for travellers and buyers, but it has changed dramatically over the years.

Initially the Batch Card was an invited -only item, but today its advantages, gains and goodies are available to everyone. One disadvantage of the card is that it bears a high annuity rate. On the other hand, the yearly discounts provided with the card can far exceed the costs - as long as they are maximized.

Even though the Loungees have historically been reserved for First class and Classic customers, many of them are open to anyone with either a Club Member or certain credit card numbers - and the American Express Platinum Card provides three different types of Club lounge. Admission to these Loungees is restricted to owners of Amex Platinum or Amex Centurion Maps.

When you fly with Delta and have a platinum card, you can also enter any Delta Sky Clubounge. After all, the American Express Platinum Card is equipped with a Priority Pass subscription. As a Platinum Card member, you and two your friends can have free refreshments, beverages, newspapers and/or periodicals, shower facilities and more at any place (as long as space is available), away from the hubbub of the central reservation.

In case you have an overseas card instead of the US card, please review your card's Priority Pass guidelines. American Express' Platinum Card receives Membership Rewards points, which are the denomination of the Amex Fidelity Programme. You can redeem points for credit or refunds, use them to make reservations via the Amex Travel website or to one of 17 airlines and three hotels transferring partner (Transferable Points are among the most valuable).

This card will earn a full 5x points on the fare directly paid by the carrier as well as on flight and pre-paid hotel bookings made through Amex Travel. Platinum Card includes a welcome bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards points after you have spent $5,000 on a purchase in the first three month after opening your Platinum Card Deposit.

The American Express Platinum Card provides a $200 credit for ancillary fare on an air carrier (which you can select at the beginning of each year) every year. Although it doesn't pay for your ticket, it does pay for a multitude of dues and expenses, such as abandoned baggage, modification fee if you need to modify your trip, groceries and beverages during the trip, fee for travel with a pets, daily ticket to the terminal lounges (if you don't already have free access) and sometimes even for things like seating and additional upgrades for leg room.

American Express added this as a new benefit to the Platinum Card in March 2017. Credit is up to $200 per year, divided into blocks per months; each months you will receive $15 credit to your connected Uber balance, with an additional $20 for a combined $35 per December.

UberEats orders can also use the credit for your order. Privileges are not available for one tonne, and it is only available in certain towns, but with Uberv VIP you will only be associated with riders ranked 4.8 or higher. "Hotel top level designation can be invaluable, often with free benefits such as complimentary breakfasts, room upgrade, early check-in or delayed check-out, complimentary Wi-Fi, lounging facilities, free night stays, point earners and more.

Normally only the best flyers deserve the Platinum Card but with the Platinum Card you can deserve it before you spend a whole overnight time. This card has golden status at the Hilton and Starwood Hilton Accommodation. Staying in your own accommodation even a few days a year can be very rewarding, especially considering how much breakfast can cost.

Programmes charge $85-$100, and American Express will credit this charge every four years (memberships are for five years). American Express' Platinum Card offers a number of other advantages that help to balance the annuity. Card holders can benefit from free subscription to Boingo's favorite subscription schedule, which gives them instant wireless connectivity to more than a million Wi-Fi hot spots around the globe.

Just this subscription alone would be $9.95 a monthly. An Amex Platinum Card member also has Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts programme available. By booking your participation in Amex Travel via Amex Travel (there are nearly 1,000 properties worldwide), you'll receive great discounts such as room upgrade, free breakfasts, free cash in, free Wi-Fi and a special feature at each location, such as a credit that you can use in on-property spa or restaurant.

There is also an exlusive concierge services for members of yourinum card. American Express Gold Card has a high $550 per year membership charge, but the value of the card's advantages exceeds the charge.

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