Can I Apply for a Credit Card with no Credit

Is it possible to apply for a credit card without a credit card?

Only a lifeline if you need it. Are you looking for more information about our credit card? You will be informed after your application whether you need to do so. Could you get this Black Friday a bargain on your finances? Payment by credit card will be accepted up to the workshop/symposium dates.

Payment at will

Using the non-contact (card or device) or an Oyster card in one tag, you can make as many trips as you like and we will limit your ticket price so you no longer need to make payments. An upper limit restricts how much you are willing to spend on all your trips in one single working days or weeks. As many trips as you like can be made, and if all your ticket prices are a certain amount, we will not bill you any further fees (your ticket price is limited automatically).

Keep touching inside and outside. When you use non-contact (card or device), you get a maximum limit of days and weeks. And you can go as much as you want in a single trip in a single workday. When you use an oyster card, you get a maximum rate per oyster per use. When you make several train trips or a mix of train, coach and streetcar trips in one go, everyday cappping is cheaper than purchasing a ticket for one trip.

High and low load times are available every day, according to when you begin your trip. They must board at the beginning of the trip and at the end of each trip they must use the same non-contact card, equipment or card to make contact. Otherwise you may be billed a max ticket price. When working without contact, always use the same card or equipment.

If, for example, you make payments on Monday using a portable phone and on Tuesday using a non-contact card, these rates will not be counted towards a maximum limit per week. For paid trips starting at 04:30 and ending the next morning at 04:29, a 24 hour per diem is charged.

For non-contact trips (card or device) starting on Monday and ending on Sunday, a maximum limit per week is charged. For example, if your trip begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday of the following weekend, it may be cheaper to purchase a 7-day ticket.

In order to obtain the maximum amount per Week, use the same card or equipment from Monday to Sunday. At the end of each qualifying period, we will review the hats so that you will get your reimbursement on your card from Friday of the following qualifying period the next time you contact us.

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