Can I Apply for a Mortgage

May I register for a mortgage?

Before you apply for a mortgage, contact the three most important credit agencies and order your credit reports. Skip to Who can get a mortgage? - You know how much you make? When you apply alone or together. Their mortgage broker and attorney can answer all questions to your request.

To apply for your first mortgage with Sainsbury's Bank

Could you apply for a mortgage with us? Before you start with your job interview, please make sure that all the information below applies to you. With us, you can only apply for a mortgage if: you have a good solvency. They can apply for a mortgage with a maturity between 5 and 40 years.

Right now, we're not offering these mortgages: The only mortgage you can apply for is for a home that you or your immediate relatives are living in and are not using for work. Also there are some kinds of real estate for which we will not be offering mortgage. While we always prepare a review before making a decision, please review our guidelines to ensure that the real estate you are looking for is appropriate.

Before you apply, please review these explanations carefully: Our only mortgage is from Sainsbury's Bank. For our mortgage consulting we do not invoice you anything. Their mortgage picture will give you the detail to all the charges you have to foot. Should you be unsure about any of these claims, please call us at 0345 111 8010 **.

It is important to know: particulars of the real estate you wish to buy (only if you have one in mind). If you apply, we will ask you to provide such things as: evidence that a down payment that was a present does not need to be returned. In addition to the items listed above, you must provide us with your account statement for the last 3 month and one of them:

To say nothing of the choice of mortgage. So, it is really important that you comprehend what you are subscribing to - and that the mortgage you want is right for you. Accompanying you through the entire procedure, our highly skilled mortgage consultants are at your side every step of the way.

There are no fees for our consulting. We do not bill any fees for our mortgage advisory services. We also perform a DIP quality test for your DIP. To continue with mortgage advisory, we will call one of our mortgage advisors and arrange a call. Have all your documents handy when you call - see what you need to apply for and what you need to look out for to be prepared.

Mortgages are backed on your house. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments.

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