Can I get a second Mortgage on another Property

Is it possible to get a second mortgage on another property?

Do you like the prospect of owning a second house? A daydream of holiday homes, or perhaps a nice buy-to-leasing investment? May I remobilise my home to buy another property?

Have you been comfortable in your home and pay the mortgage for quite some now - enough to see the lights at the end of the tunnels? Do you like the view of having a second home? Now, now might be the ideal moment to discover your choices and see if this wish could actually come true.

What is the procedure for debt rescheduling when buying another property? Though you might not have the money stored up to put down a deposit on a second home right now, there are other possibilities you can still obtain this. Remortgaging may be a shared way that many go to buy a second property, but first of all it is good to know how it works.

Every time you make a redemption on your mortgage every month, you start to shave more and more of your mortgage, and build up the capital in your home. If your own capital rises, you can take back part of your own capital and free it up to direct it towards other things, such as DIY or, in this case, the purchase of another property.

With home equity, buying another home can be an efficient way to use funds that would otherwise seated bound in your property. Mortgage advisors will look at your individual and your finances before making advice on how to reach your final destination. The release of capital in your home to buy another one means that your refunds would be significantly higher than before.

Their mortgage advisor goes through affordability tests with you when you make your remortgage, but you must show that you can affort to make these higher refunds on your actual salary. If you fail to make these payment, you may lose both your homes, so it is important that you are clear and truthful with your mortgage advisor.

When you have a different job category, that is, contractors, freelancers, self-employed persons, etc., you may be worried about going through the return operation. The mortgage advisor will also be able to assist you again with your retransfer decisions. You will take into account your entire circumstances, your actual incomes, your future outcomes, etc., and clearly go through all your choices so that you can make an educated choice that is right for you.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out our How to Remortgage If You're Self-employed section. For more information on debt rescheduling for the purchase of a second property, please get in touch with us and we can put you in contact with a mortgage advisor near you.

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