Can I Purchase a second home

May I buy a second house?

Places to buy a second home in France | Real estate purchase The Exploreimmo website in France has recently conducted a poll to ask consumers where they would like a second home. This is the 10 most popular places to buy a cottage in France, according to the people. Bassin d'Arcachon on the Atlantic seaboard of France led the poll. 21% of those surveyed said it was the most popular place to buy a second home in France.

It has 76 km of beach and the Pilat Dunes, the highest dunes in Europe, pinewoods and harbours for oysters. Best of all, the Bassin d'Arcahon is the lowest of the Top 10 where you can buy a home! Notaires de France's website states that a real estate object in the southern part of the basin will cost an estimated 311,000 , in the northern part 287,000 ?.

Deauville was the second most favoured place to buy a second home, with 18% of those who voted for the Norman coastal city. It' still a favourite with the wealthy and celebrities, especially during the American Film Festival - visit the Promenade des Planches, which runs along the shore to see the staterooms designated after the Hollywood celebrities who were there.

Considering the wealthy and famous's widespread appeal, you won't be amazed to know that, according to the Notaires de France, a real estate in Deauville will throw you back an estimated 502,000 euros on half. Cassis, directly on the Marseille coastline, took third place on the ranking of the most sought-after places to have a second home in France, with 17% voting for the town.

It is an old fishermen' town, but today a favourite tourist spot - and with the lovely town, beautiful sandy beach and boating to the neighbouring Kalanques, this is hardly astonishing. While there is no mean property value indicated on the Notaires de France website, an accommodation here will mean 4,730 ?/m² for you.

Perfectly located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime is a prestigious Riviera city and so it is not strange that it was included on the best places to own a second home in France, with 16 people voting for it. More than 10 km of pristine sand and 300 sunny summer holidays a year make it the perfect place for a cottage, although you can expect to be accompanied by many other vacationers in high seasons.

The Notaires de France say, however, that you have to spend an avarage of 587,600 euros to buy a home in Saint-Maxime! Ile-de-Ré, the French love the French holidays on the islands off La Rochelle, so it is not a surprise that it has become one of the most sought-after places for buying a second home, mentioned by 16% of them.

There are two Plus Beaux Village on the islands, La Flotte and Ars-en-Ré, enchanting towns with white-washed homes and shades of turquoise, as well as sand shores and colorful marketplaces. According to the Notaires de France, the Île-de-Ré is slightly less expensive with an avarage real estate value of 476,000 euros. Biarritz, a seaside resort that draws windsurfers as well as the wealthy and celebrities, was ranked 6th on the most popular places to buy a second home, with 15% voting for it.

It has six kilometers of beach, among them the Grande Plage and the surfer's heaven Plage de la Côte des Basques. But Biarritz is not inexpensive, according to the Notaires de France, a real estate brings you an avarage price of 553.400 Euro. Quiberon's drama led to a shortlist of the most popular places to buy a vacation home, which was mentioned by 13% of those surveyed.

Even though it does not relish the summer heat of the south shore, the jagged shore and sand beach offers many vacation options and there are several Breton towns to discover. Also here the real estate is more favorable with an avarage houseprice of 325,000 euro according to data of the Notaires de France. What areas of France are most favoured by UK shoppers?

There is a half-moon formed sandy area which is loved by the family and the broad boardwalk is a great place for a walk. Filled with colorful Basel homes, boutiques, fish eateries and a gambling arcade and several spa's, the city is a great place to find a second home! Also the real estate in Saint-Jean-de-Luz is more favorable than Biarritz with an avarage housing cost of 465.000 Euro according to the Notaires de France.

Ramatuelle is located next to Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera and is a favorite of prominent people, so it's hardly a surprise that it's been named to the best places for a second home! Ramatuelle does not have mean real estate values on the Notaires de France website, but the mean housing value in the Golf of Saint-Tropez, which Ramatuelle also belongs to, is ?600,000.

Posto-Vecchio is a vibrant coastal city in the south of Corsica, near a number of international famous sandy areas, among them Palombaggia, which has been chosen by TripAdvisor visitors as one of the best French sands. Porto-Vecchio is one of the cheapest places on the market and costs an estimated 372,100 euros!

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Did you always dream of staying on the southern French coastline but couldn't manage to buy the Riviera?

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