Can you Consolidate Personal Loans

Are you able to consolidate personal loans?

Consolidation debt loans can be an easy way to manage your debt. A large part of this borrowing takes the form of credit cards or personal loans, many of which are granted at very high interest rates. Prior to applying for a debt consolidation loan, make sure that you calculate the interest for current loans. Caught in the payday loan cycle and unable to free yourself?


The figure (1) is expected to represent 31% of all personal loans taken out in the first three month of the new year. Sainsbury's Bank has a credit counter computer which enables clients to assess whether they could make savings by converting their current loans to a Sainsbury's Bank one. That means that if a client is given a "like for like" credit that has a lower APR with another creditor, Sainsbury's Bank will be able to hit him by 0.1%.

However, this is conditional on qualification for the offering and clients must not have already taken up their bid for the standard loan by signature and return of a Sainsbury's Loan Agreement(2). excluding auto loans and financing. On the basis of the Sainsbury's Bank's loan analyses between January and November 2016. All loans taken out in whole or in part for this reason, as well as the repayment of current account loans and credits are analysed.

None of the figures are nationally aggregated and are calculated on the basis of Sainsbury's Bank's own shares. Price Promise Guarantee ("the Offer") is only available to persons who successfully request (and then open) a Sainsbury's Standard Loan ("the Loan"). Quotation does not cover Sainsbury's Reward Loans. Receivables from the tender must be paid within 28 workingdays after the Sainsbury's Loan has been granted.

Demands from the Quotation will not be taken up after the Sainsbury's Loan Quotation has been taken up by signature and return of the Sainsbury's Loan Contract. Client must submit to us a quotation in writing from the other creditor in the same name as the loan provided by Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's will review the applicability of the customer's complaint within 5 working days of receipt of the customer's inquiry and inform the client of the outcome.

Like for like " is evaluated on the basis of characteristics such as credit period, amount of credit facility, redemption pattern (including interest and setup fee, if any). A lower sentence must be accessible to the general public and must be subject to Sainsbury's review. A lower percentage must have been quoted and still be available to the client at the moment of the complaint.

For example, if the alternate creditor formsally provides the client with an interest of 6.9% annual percentage point, the receivable will be considered to be satisfied and the 6th installment will be paid. 9 percent annual interest is lower than our price quoted, we will cut our bid interest to 6.8 percent annual interest.

All offers are subject to change without previous notification. We have the right to change or delete the offers at any moment. Sainsbury's Bank plc.

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