Can you Finance home Renovations

Are you able to finance house renovations?

annah reads all the financial information on the internet so you don't have to. But if you're already right about finances, it probably won't help. If you do not maintain your mortgage repayments, your house or property can be repossessed. Find out what you can afford. Have you seen a cheap French property that only needs a little work to turn into a dream home?

On the market, we are launching a new management and financing solution for your next refurbishment.

On the market, we' ve released a new utility that lets you turn your collection of refurbishment concepts into a real business case - Chase Dream Board. is a great place to build moodboards to help you design the refurbishment projects you'll be completing one of these days - tasty colour scheme, sophisticated Ikea pieces of wood and - but how often do you do something with them?

Together with Chase Home Lending and refurbishment specialists Drew and Jonathan Scott (hosts of TV show Property Brothers), Chase Dream Boards have been developed by Peter Peters to bring these concepts from your monitor to your home. Sharing your renovations detail, your budgets, the size of your projects and the space you are working on, the tools will create an individual Interest Management System for you, full of tips on financing the work, looking for suppliers and adding value to your home.

Then you can use your own pin to create a complete map. "As we know, these shoppers depend strongly on the use of on-line resources to get both designs and shopping inspirations. The uniqueness of Chase Dream Boards is that it unites three trustworthy businesses in the living space sector - Pinterest's designs, Scott Brothers' designs and renovations and Chase's finance, because what's a dream if you can't make it happen?"

In the first two week Chase Dream Boards has seen over 2,000 people. "It is our aim to contribute proactively to closing the loophole from the idea of creativity to action," Bonitatibus said. "Hopefully this utility can alleviate the hassle of home remodeling through a funny, engaging and useful web site that informs clients about the cost potentials of the scheme and intelligent financing options."

For those of you looking for more inspirations, this weeks Pinterest has added a "More Ideas" icon that shows pin names based on articles that are already on each of your board. At Chase we have more intentions working with Pinterest and the Scott brethren to help you design and build your perfect home.

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