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World of playing cards 1881 he relocated to Cincinnati and became an associate of the Russell & Morgan Group. Indianapolis & New York'. Steamships, Crescent, Apollo and Rambler. Every card manufacturer manufactured their own Steamboat versions, mostly towards the end of the series. Fifty-two tickets + 'Watermelon' Joker.

High-grade steamboats No. 9, circa 1886. Even though the Steamboats trademark was at the end of the line with all manufacturers in terms of product range, this special decking has a golden edge! The national stamps were all available with golden edging, and the stamp number on the boxes was one number higher on gold-plated deck. Ace of spades has some small variations in styling.

Previous decks have the inscription "Patent Appliedfor " and not the real date of the patents on the spade and chest-As. Looks like the producer wanted to make it clear that the extra spots didn't make the decks useless for the poker games.

USPCC's "500" decks had 11, 12 and 13 spots packed separate from the 52 normal decks, indicating that efforts should be made to maintain the normal decks intact for all matches. Back designs show hunter's gear, possibly a reaction to USPCC's "Sportsmans" and Dougherty's "Outing" brand.

Also used for Pinochle #300 is this beautiful ace of spades engraving.

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