Card Credit Payment

Payment by credit card

Regular credit card payments are not direct debits or standing orders. METHOD OF PAYMENT On-line payment by prepayment - credit card or PayPal (Italy and abroad). Credit card accepted: Payment by Postepay is also acceptable. The payment is made directly by the client upon receipt of the goods. Custom -made shirts (match shirts or specially made shorts) have to be payed in prepayment.

Each credit card transaction passes through a secure VeriSign-controlled page that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) SSLs.

The system ensures the privacy of your credit card information and all transaction detail for maximum on-line safety. When ordering by credit card, payment authorisation is necessary first.

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Just with your Argos card. AGBs in the below mentioned links are really important, because we want to make sure that the Argos Card is suitable for you and that you have all necessary information. If so, begin expanding your shopping cart right away - you can submit your application when checking out.

Send your resume now so that you are prepared to go for your next Argos store. However, if you only have a question about what you are looking for or want to tell us about your job interview, we are still at the other end of the telephone conversation. We will tell you whether you are likely to be approved before you send in your job offer if you send in your job offer via an on-line rapid review.

That has no influence on your creditworthiness.


Payments are acceptable in one of the following forms: Currency (for amounts of 5,000 or less in UK retail only), cheque, bank cheque, bank cheque, banker' s draft, bank money order and credit card. For all credit card payments a processing charge of 3% (US turnover) or 4% (UK turnover) is levied. All articles that remain unsold 15 working days after the date of delivery may result in a delay charge of 3% of the entire retail cost for each unsold article.

For more information, please refer to the buyer's auction payments section of our Acceptable Use Policy.

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