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Electromagnetic compatibility card payment solution for the USA In cooperation with our partners, we provide market-ready products and help our costumers to choose the right solution for their use. Our company is not bound to one single supplier and we are proud to be able to provide our customer with impartial and sound technical support. We have 10 years of UK and EU wide expertise in the introduction of chip and pin technologies and are well positioned to advise and support our EMV conversions.

Do you have a query about EMV conform hardware and payment gateway solution for busy and unsupervised card payment terminal in the US and Europe? We can help.

Receive & handle card payment transactions on-line & in a face-to-face manner

Draw a card - any card. Personally embrace card payment. Just log in, get the free application and order your smart card and your card readers. Receive telephone payment wherever you are. Transform your computer, tray or mobile device into a card based payment gateway and make your transactions over the telephone.

The only thing you need for payment handling is your connection to the world wide web. The payment handling couldn't be more comfortable. Proven seller protection protects your company throughout the payment transaction lifecycle (even after the transaction is completed).

Portable card payment systems | affordable payment system for British customers

However, even these machinery was not completely portable. Companies across the UK have been looking for a fully portable card payment system - a portable POS system (mPOS) that is not tied to a basic device but can be used to handle transaction at any time and anywhere. Well, the tech for such a system is here.

Sellers who need to be on the move to receive orders, for example, often use mPOS engines to swipe a card before they process a deal when they are in the store or at the customer's home. It is noteworthy that this can be done wherever an intelligent unit, such as a cell telephone or tray, can receive a beacon.

Portable technologies have opened up payment opportunities that were previously almost unattainable with a stationary device, such as external market places, pop-up stores or temporarily hosted exhibitions. Today, almost any place in the UK can be a place where maps can be quickly handled, which means that clients have more payment facilities and are likely to have fewer wait times in lines with an MPO.

Much of the same protection that has been provided by the proven EFTPOS engines is also available for wireless transaction. Thus, for example, payment can only be made if the card holder is present. In addition, similar to a default payment gateway, portable applications allow the customer to check the amount of money claimed and even increase tips at their own option.

Portable payment processors can effortlessly manage this type of secured payment activity. The intelligent machine is prompted to safely complete the remainder of the operation. There is really no distinction between using portable technologies and a legacy standard Nordson Ethernet SFTPOS terminals. Portable payment service providers with a suitable card reading unit, such as SumUp's, can effortlessly accept this type of secured payment activity.

As well as enabling the web to process a payment via the operator of the phone, a card payment system enables the retailer to carry out a payment from anywhere, inside or outside the store. If, for example, a client wants an automatic bill after a payment, an MP3OS system can simply e-mail or text it to him.

In addition, payment applications are fully functional with both Android and iPhone devices, enabling simple telephone and iPOS system integrations. In the UK, portable card payment systems are not only the way forward, they are also the way forward. It enables companies to safely receive payment by card anywhere there is a cell telephone connection and opens up a range of new avenues.

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