Card Processing Services

Card-processing services

RedCard offers support for a variety of value-added transaction types through our RedCard Processing Service. Retailer account Online credit card processing Services Looking for the best on-line payments for your company? From small businesses to large corporations, we have the lowest available charges, from dealers with MOTO-based selling and dealers in high-risk sectors, we aim to offer your company a dependable and safe payments option by offering you the most trusted, respectable and commercially viable buyer.

"We needed a payments gateway that was going to be up and running in no hurry. The orbits were flawless. For us, the job interview procedure was easy and uncomplicated, and all of my queries were immediately addressed by my my banker. Our approval had already been received and we were operational within a few week. All in all we are very pleased with the services and look forward to a close cooperation".

Acceptance of more than one option promotes the purchase, inspires impulse purchasing and contributes to the growth of your company. Visa/MC acceptance is indispensable for any on-line shop today!

Solutions for processing debit and debit cards

Our super-fast services will in many cases ensure that you are up and speed within a few hour. What is the point of accepting your card? Today, most individuals favour the possibility of payment via a cardinal. If you do not offer card payment, you limit the number of persons who can buy your goods and services.

They also mean that you have less need to manage your company's currency. Smart card and personal identification (PIN) are a more reliable way of making payments and ensure that you can offer your clients a safe card paymentsolution. So if you already have card processing equipment in your company and would like to switch providers, we can help you reduce your card processing costs.

This can be done by providing you with lower card processing speeds. Smart Card & PIN Solutions can cut fees by up to 50% compared to current card processing fees. Retailers pass the information on payments from cards and debits to the acquirers (the banks processing the payments). This data is then forwarded to the customer's banking institution, which then returns the money to the merchant.

To make it more accessible for you to pay by your customers' cards, we believe in low pricing. Are you new to card processing or would like to review what choices are available? Call our free support at 0800 881 8104 or click here for an on-line offer.

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