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The DarkMarket Carding (Credit Card Fraud) Website Part of the FBI Spiking

As you may recall, the Pro ATM Hacker'Chao' tale and his tips some time ago seem to have been the beginning of a major worldwide spiking action against credit card scams. Lots of allegations this past Monday that the DarkMarket scam website, which was cancelled at the beginning of this calendar year, was cancelled due to an internal secret service investigation that resulted in up to 60 arrests.

Everything is not as it seems, but CNET explains that the site was all part of an FBI stitch surgery. A number of detentions were made in Britain after the stabbing, it seems that this was a very long and quite succesful surgery in which a number of keys were killed.

Fifty detentions are a fairly good number, each of them must have committed a whole bunch of scams, so you can see the cash savings these types save behind the bars. Stinging or not, the closure of the site has led to 60 detentions, with one accused to buy in less than two month data of 250,000 pounds in value stole.

The most recent detentions in the UK to date have taken place in Leicester, Manchester, Humberside, South Yorkshire and London. The Dark Market admins Cagatay Evyapan, alias cha0, was detained by the Ottoman riot squad in early September. My estimate is they have several options with on-line information being revealed.... many of the Hacks are not even released, but only hushed up.

Card fraud: the largest card scam in memory

Introducing chip-and-pin schemes seems to end the "golden age" of credit card scams, but cleverly devised crime groups are still trying to defraud billions of credit card users. Are you afraid of cheating? If you are being cheated or a card deceiver, the good thing is that you should be able to request a refund from your card issuer or your card issuer.

Meanwhile, in the mid-2000s, a bunch of multinational scammers succeeded in stealing the credit card information from over 32,000 credit card companies. You used this information to generate cloned credit card and fraud of at least 17 million pounds over a number of years. Members of the band led a luxurious lives from money: they bought British residences, Hispanic residences and a range of other London real estate, enjoyed first-class travels and five-star vacations, and spent a small sum on design clothing and footwear.

Fraud was led by Russians and East Europeans who operated a cleverly devised system of currency exchange from London and transferred funds from Britain to Poland, Estonia, Russia, the United States and the Virgin Islands. This began to disintegrate when a member of the mob was accidentally busted in a routinely anti-terrorist inspection by a transportation policeman who became distrustful when he found forty cell phonecard loading tags.

In spite of this history, credit card scams in the UK have declined ever since the advent of smart card and smart card technologies and the range of coverage of cyber criminal investigators with criminal justice has increased. You should be able to request a reimbursement if you are a credit card scam target, if you are being cheated by a fraudulent merchant, or if your card shows transaction you don't know about, as your card is covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and the Payment Services Ordinance 2009:

Clause 75 - Both your credit card company and the merchant you purchased from are responsible if something goes bad. So, if you have been cheated with a counterfeit buy by fraudsters, you should be able to get a refund from your card issuer. 2009 Payment Service Regulations - If your card is used for unauthorized transaction, your card issuer should provide a reimbursement.

Irrespective of whether your card has been sterilized or whether your transaction was carried out after you declared it missing or stolen. In the case of on-line on-line shops, the vast majority of UK credit card customers are secured by Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, which add an additional keyword (and protective layer) to the on-line purchase.

Americans love to make things big, and their credit card frauds are no exceptions. One of the largest card frauds to date was perpetrated by a group of eighteen New Yorkers, who succeeded in stealing $200 million before being halted. It would not be out of place in a Hollywood film if the scammers use their illegally earned winnings to liven up life: luxurious automobiles shopping; public holidays;  and billions of dollar value of the gold.

These scams were more costly than the basic card clamping methods used by the UK and Australia scammers. Rather, US scammers create tens of millions of false identity cards with US and eight country names around the globe. Card scammers provided all the information and documentation necessary to create bad profiling with America's largest credit bureaus.

Counterfeit trades were used to supply counterfeit credit reports for these counterfeit accounts. Using impeccable credit scores for their forged identity they would be valid for large credits and high limit credit card. Funds from these credentials were used by a bogus company and company alliance for the fraud that was laundering the funds.

Ten million US dollar were transferred abroad to Pakistan, India, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Romania, China and Japan. End of US card scam? In addition to the advantages for US cardholders, this should help to reduce the number of cases of UK card thefts used for US scams.

Public agencies invest a lot of patience and efforts to break cases and work with investigation teams around the world to make sure frauds don't get away. The cardholder monies are shielded from cheaters by rules that make sure it is the card issuer and the merchant who pay the bill and are the ripped-off part. It motivates them to safeguard your credit card and your funds and track card fraud.

After all, while there are many nightmare tales in the media about card fraud and fraud, the technological and safety precautions behind credit card fraud are becoming more elaborate, making it more difficult for crooks to shoplift cash. The same is true for new non-contact and ApplePay payments are very safe with steps to prevent unauthorized expenditure on these maps.

Are you afraid of cheating?

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