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Saving time, saving gas with Cash N Go One Stop Shop! You can get money back even if you only buy one candy bar or soda. The Tesco ATMs are free and a safe and convenient way to withdraw your money. Not only can you withdraw cash at one of our many ATMs, you can also:. You can also accept cash deposits at one of our retail locations:

Cash-N' Go - Cashngo Ltd.

The Cash'N Go Gallery has a one-stop store for invoice payment, Moneygram and much more. Most Cash'N Go stores are open Monday through Saturday, making it comfortable and simple for you to run your own store at your own pace. Cash'N Go stores are open from Monday through Saturday. MoneyGram provides cash transfer solutions, real-time payment of utilities bills for BEC, BTC, Cable and Water & Sanitation, purchase of air tickets for SkyBahamas, WesternAir and BahamasAir, and payment of BAF bonuses and fees for US visa applications.

Complete the daily chores with a quick tour of one of our seven locations in Nassau, two in Grand Bahama, and Abaco and Exuma as well. Cash-N'Go is a proud member of the BAF Global Group. SOON SOON - RIA-GELD√úBERWEISUNGEN!

Prepayments | Travel and accommodation expenses

Exceptionally, a member of staff may require an advance on travelling costs up to the amount of the overall estimate of the costs. Advance payments to personnel for authorized trips may be made up to one calendar months prior to commencement of the trip if an authorized trip and stay application is sent to Payroll (the usual accounting periods for AGB application documents apply).

Cash Services must have received the money withdrawal request at least 5 business days in advance for checks in foreign currencies and travellers' checks. Cashless services must be received with the application 10 working day before the date of withdrawal. Any advance over £2,500 must be authorised by the Dean, the Head of School/Service or the candidate, who must ensure that all earlier advance payments have been reimbursed and that the costs of the new advance are justify.

Funds due to the staff member are transferred directly to their own banks. In case a remainder is transferred to the university, the staff member should make a check payment to Cash Services. All cash or travellers checks that remain unusable must be surrendered to Cash Services. 6 week after the date of restitution, the University has the right to deduct any advance payments still due from the student's salaries. By submitting an application for an advance payment, the students authorize the University to deduct any advance payments/credits from their salaries.

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