Cash Loans against Assets

Loans against assets

For you, asset finance is a kind of "asset-based lending" and means that you can borrow money for things like equipment or vehicles. Protection of loans against cash or cash equivalents Loans secured against cash or cash assets, tailor-made to your individual needs, allow you to enhance your own pecuniary-focus. It offers, for example, a fast and easy way to bridge bottlenecks in private or commercial cash flow. As an alternative, you can use the collateral credit to make investments in potentially interesting options without affecting your current security holdings.

They can lend against the assets on deposit up to a certain proportion of their fair value. Appropriate loan-to-value ratios vary depending on the nature, denomination, quality, voltage and negotiability of the relevant assets as well as the diversity of your portfolios and are periodically revised.

Credits backed by cash or cash equivalents can be the right choice for you in a wide range of situations: - You need cash and want to adhere to your present asset management strategies. - You would like to optimise your up-to-date security portfolios by safeguarding your extra funds (diversification or leveraging financing).

  • They expect to see near-term investing possibilities and want to provide the necessary cash now.

Common ly Asked Question

Whatever you need the cash for, or even what your loan histories look like, we provide fast and simple loans with your assets or real estate kept as collateral, similar to a high-ranking pledgee. Collateral provided is then assessed in a professional manner and all court procedures and agreements are carried out.

On our website, the credit is presented to our investor base and as soon as the goal is reached, you will get the money. What is the best way to get a credit? May I extend my credit? When the repayment period ends, the credit can be extended by payment of the interest due.

No, because our loans are hedged against an investment, your solvency is not important to us. Can I use the following to cover a mortgage? Loans can be given against any value, with the most beloved being jewelry, clocks, vehicles and works of art. Money is usually remitted within 24 Stunden of receipt of the assets.

Big loans (over 100,000) and uncommon assets can last longer. What do I do to ship my assets? Click on the links below to go to our page for submitting your assets. If you choose not to continue the follow-up after submitting your assets, we will not bill you for the costs.

When you choose a credit, the logistic costs are due at the end of the period. How are my assets kept? Unless otherwise specified, all small objects such as jewelry and clocks are kept in our own safe in a safe place. How long before I pay back the money?

Credit contracts are open for 6 monthly periods and the credit must be repaid in full at the end of the contract time. You can, however, pay back the credit at any time within the 6-month grace periode with a 30-day interest and fee or more. The interest is calculated at the end of the maturity date.

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