Cash Money Loans


When your application is approved, the loan amount is immediately paid out in cash. Dundas & Dixie. Cash-Money is here to offer you easy, safe and fast payday loans. At Ferratum we offer you instant cash credits that are simple, fast and uncomplicated and you will get the money you need in minutes!

Loan Christmas Bonus

This is because Christmas is just around the corner, whether you like it or not, and with it the additional cost of purchasing meals, drinks and presents. Regardless of how cautious you are with your money the remainder of the year, Christmas can be a financial burden, and that's why our Christmas bonus loans are so appreciated by our members.

Constantly increasing costs of living and the fact that salaries are often hard to keep up can make it hard to keep saving for the remainder of the year at Christmas. The purpose of our Christmas bonuses is to ensure that our members have the Christmas they and their loved ones earn, and we do that by operating as ethically responsible lenders.

First of all, it means borrowing only a Christmas bonus from our members that we are sure they can repay. Contrary to some other creditors, we do not punish individuals for having less than excellent credentials or for not having a long history of success in taking out and paying back loans.

Money is lent in a totally translucent way, offering every member exactly the same interest rates and no concealed costs. There is no setup commission and we do not penalise you for early repayment of your credit. Briefly, we offer Christmas bonus credits that do the work and allow our members to enjoy a particular season of the year without having to worry about sleeping and how they will afford it.

Since we are part of the grassroots fellowship, we know what the pressure of Christmas and its cost can do. The Christmas bonus loans are a means to avoid this kind of pecuniary distress and to enjoy a particular season knowing that there will be no pecuniary hangovers in January.

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