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Select a credit card that suits you. One big mistake humans make bookings of planes with credit card points....


So why redeem all these points for a great event and get no revenue or current value whatsoever when you book the same flight, could another way help you queue up for a year of discounts and even more Frequent Flier mileage? When " flexibilty " is not included in your travelling terminology and " what you want, when you want it " - this way of thinking may alter the way you see points.

When you save yourself the trouble of taking your card points and moving them to a complex carrier programme, you can use fewer points and even make some in exchange. Some years ago, when all air travel was high priced and either Preferred Economics or Executive were out of range, it would never have made much headway, but now that we are seeing insane air offers, the play is completely over.

The new " it " thing is to use points as real money. It works in all staterooms, but has the greatest effect in Businessclass. Specific Chase credits such as Chase Sapphire Reserve give you 1.5 Cent per point of present value for each pass or every dollar spent on Chase Travel.

This example would allow you to spent 120,000 points for the card issuer to "buy" your tickets. Five Cent, several Citi, Barclays, Amex and Chase Kreditkarten offers also 1. This means that you become a "paying" BP client who is able to select any date on which the bargains are available rather than adhere to the available data (if any).

As you become a paid client from a technical point of view, you collect points for your flight plan's top flight rating as well as many beautiful flight mileages. If I book this through Chase Ultimate Rewards or another major card payment scheme instead of earning my points through a loyalty programme, I will use the same or fewer points - I can choose practically any date and in exchange receive about 20,000 loyalty points and my own loyalty balance.

Had I applied my points to a flight programme, I would have missed 20,000 mileage and all my progress awards. And, unlike using points in most FFPs, even if you don't have all the points you need, you can use them to pay for part, most, or all of the cost of the tickets when you book through your card page.

Just settle the rest in three. So, if the tickets are $1800 and you only have 90,000 points, just buy whatever your residual liquid assets are. With Chase Sapphire Reserve you end up spending $450 in real money after your points have covered $1350. However, even on free travel bookings through airline programmes, some carriers levy charges of up to $450 and you get nothing back.

By using your card payment page, these charges are eliminated, so you can virtually zero in on a return journey in your next round of bus fares and accumulate points. Prior to transferring your points to an air carrier to spend an ever more challenging booking you should look up the face value of the tickets and see if it would be better to use points only for the face value.

We have seen from Europe to Asia below 1000 $ and from USA to Europe below 1500 $ and of course fantastic offers in the industry. Whilst some annoying blogs might tell you that this way you won't get the "maximum CPM", you'll benefit from a great learning curve and earn invaluable trip awards in the near term instead of nothing.

A few ticket, such as First Grade, will almost always make more difference to transferring your points to an airlines fidelity programme, but with so many good offers these days, it' s important to look and see if you would actually get better value for money by simply making a reservation through your bank's trip page.

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