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Beyond (formerly known as Conservation Corporation Africa or CC Africa) is one of Africa's leading luxury safari companies. Network Medical, Inc., d/b/a Hospicelink, in the strategic integration with StateServ Holdings, a portfolio company of Blue Wolf Capital Partners.

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B&Beyond (formerly known as CC Africa or CC Africa) are one of Africa's premier luxurious safaris operators. &Beyond was founded in response to the growing global need for environmentally conscious travel and outdoor activities and in the conviction that nature protection can be put on a sound commercial basis by commercial enterprises.

Today they run over 35 extraordinary Lodges in some of Africa's most stunning places, such as South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, the Serengeti Plains and the Masai Mara. Although all cabins are located in beautiful surroundings and have their own personality, they all enjoy the extraordinary standard of accommodations, personnel and dining that &Beyond offers throughout their portfolios.

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In 1899 Charles Cheers Wakefield founded his own company, C.C.Wakefield & Co. This company traded in lubricants and equipment and also publishes the Achievements annual. He opened a headquarters on Cannon Street in the City of London. The name of the company was renamed Castrol Ltd. on 2 August 1960.

Castrol continues to produce lubricants in 2008 and is currently part of the BP Group.

Consolidate technical and environmental consultants (CC)

Entities providing consultancy activities related to consultancy activities for the development, transformation or maintenance and repairs of housing, business premises, buildings and other technical infrastructure. Entities providing building works, comprising architects and engineers, underground engineers, integral contractors, subcontractors to industry, rehabilitation and excavation firms, specialist dealers and operators providing other building works.

Entity rendering consultancy engineer service, comprising consultancy, preparation of proof of concept study, preparation of design and implementation drawings and drafts, provision of related and related consultancy related activities, provision of related and related consultancy works and related work.

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