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Credit card

Pay by credit card, CC. Protect your business by leveraging CCK's core storage services. Flyer printing in CC format (credit card) Keep the rest of the fun around the globe informed about your company and your latest credit card size (CC) flyer promotions. All this makes CC Flyer an outstanding advertising novelty and an outstanding price-performance ratio. The CC-Flyer is produced on a 300 g/m cardboard - Zanders Mega - which is 50% recyclable and produced in an environmental compatible way.

There is also a series of 100% recyclable leaflets available. The CC large flyer is a really efficient way ofarketing. Once folks come to collect them, they're really convenient to keep in bags and purses, so they're great as promotional memories and make CC-Flyer one of the cheapest promotional items you can use.

With CC-Flyer you really have a great opportunity to get your messages across and inform the whole wide public about your shop and your products.

Ricky Owen's smooth grain credit card holder

You can return all bought articles free of charges - even discounted articles. All orders* will be refunded within 14 working day after receiving them. Exceptions are lingerie, perfume and cosmetics, which cannot be taken back. Once we have dispatched your order, you will be sent an e-mail with the trackingnumber.

It is possible to verify the order progress one to two hour after receipt of the e-mail via the given links. Please allow 2-3 working day more for orders placed during our busy sales time.

Deletion and reimbursement of repayments

This is the activity in which a demand for repayment made to an acquirer is reversed. It is only possible with credit card transactions. Clearing a deposit means that the funds are not normally drawn from the customer's current banking accounts (neither debited nor credited to the customer's current banking account).

Restriction: A transaction can be cancelled on the date of collection until the cutover period (as set for your account). This is the point in the transition when we submit all our payments to the acquiring party. Transition times may differ between acquirers, but are usually 16:00 or 24:00 MEZ.

For deleting a payment: Press "Delete payment": Would you like to automate your processes? Reimbursement means that the funds were charged first and later added to the cardholder's current banking balance. Must be enabled for your affiliate area ( please request from our support team). You must allow reimbursement from your acquiring party.

Reimbursement must be possible for the respective means of transport. Reimbursement options are available depending on your plan. Where your purchaser does not allow automatic reimbursement, the reimbursement must be made directly by your purchaser. What is the procedure for refunding a deposit? Locate the particular type of operation you want to reimburse under View Operations > Operations Detail.

They can also record a ground for the reimbursement. Would you like to automate your processes? Would you like to reimburse more than the amount already spent? Credit card refunds may be higher than the amount initially made. You must, however, take into account the above restrictions, along with the ability of your credit card acquiring agent to support this "overrefund" option.

In addition, the Subtotal Maintain checkbox must be enabled on your bank so that you can modify the initial amount in the transactions overlay.

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