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Advisory services for consumer credit (CCCS). and CCCS and fair share financing. The CCCS of Central Oklahoma shared a page. Central Oklahoma Consumer Credit Advisory Service. reports

Our forums started on 10 March 2010 and by 3 August 2014 we had read 4M-pages! In order to find out how to administer your affiliate accounts, such as uploading a picture or photograph to the forums, click here. Hi, I am on a CCCS debit manager and have been making periodic payment for six month.

Debt is mainly private credit and credit card debt, which amounts to around £35,000. My three lenders have updated my credit record with delayed repayments, and now with default, and my credit score is now "very bad" even though I actually made a monthly one. I talked to CCCS who said I could write them a note, but it's not really paying off!

My question is therefore: a) Is it enough to send the mail I have written, to explain my circumstances and to ask them to either eliminate interest on arrears or default? I' ve been as active as possible and still get the same kind of attention as criminal payers! b) If it's not paying off or I'm not successful, what can I do to increase my credit by then?

I' m working in the financial sector and also have a government function, and I want to move within the next few years, and I'm just worried that even though I was active, I didn't really pay too late and do everything I can to keep my payment going, I'm still in such a bad situation regarding my credit record.

They are right that the bondholders can still drop out their bank account in a LMP. If you reach a payout ratio that is regarded by the creditor as high to modest, the standard should be flagged as contained in a payout ratio that shows that the client is more responsible than someone who is not trying at all to settle their debt.

Redemption stages classified as low redemption stages are only a'token payment' where the bankroll should be set as the standard. To show that you are in a LMP and making monetary repayments, you can attach a "correction notice" to your credit card statement. It distinguishes the client from those who have been less responsible.

Hi Ashing4afriend and a very cordial welcome to free of charge help and IVA Forums. Thank you Kelly O for the more detailed explanation of the default settings in your credit card files, very interesting read. Also I have a hyperlink here for enhancing your borrowing - restoring your creditworthiness. If you are dissatisfied with the answer or just want to clarify the information in your data base, you can submit a correction note.

It is a testimony of up to 200 words that is added to your data as long as it is not diffamatory, reckless, or false. When there is still no activity, return the correction note. When information is changed, the agent must provide detail to any creditor who has made a request in the last 6 month.

Should an agent reject your correction, they must contact the Information Commissioner, see below for further information.

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