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The CCCS Consumer Credit Advisory Service. Perfect output patterns for different households A further 26 per cent are just coming through. There are 5 million homes in the UK, with an annual mean of 2.4 people. Given the report that the British are having a hard period administering their funds or are just getting through, some homes should review their budget and alter their expenditure patterns to better administer their funds.

10% - 15% on nonprofit presents, 5% - 10% on cost-cutting, 25% - 35% on apartments, 5% - 10% on utility companies, 5% - 15% on groceries, 10% - 15% on transport, 2% - 7% on clothes, 5% - 10% on medicine/health, 5% - 10% on people, 5% - 10% on leisure and 5% - 10% on debt.

20-30 per cent on flats, 4-7 per cent on utility companies, 15-20 per cent on groceries, 6-20 per cent on transport, 2-8 per cent on medicine, 2-4 per cent on clothes, 5-10 per cent on investment/savings, 15-20 per cent on repayment of debts and 5-10 per cent on other objects.

First, define a monthly budgetary limit for each issue and adhere to it. Launch with Ramsey's Gazelle Budgets or the standard CCCS Budgets and optimize the percentage according to your needs. But if you are still struggling to meet your monthly budgets, don't be worried - just reduce your allocations by a few percent.

Take local transport. For every level you turn your dial down, on avarage you can reduce your bill by about three per cent.

Responsibility of gaming sites and credit cards issuers

Hello, I have a gaming issue and a few month ago we took action to solve it. I' ve sent an email to several credit cards and asked them to block my credit cards. But they didn't, and a little while later I could call and reactivate my calling cards and throw myself into more debts.

I also sent them an e-mail with**************** and asked them to shut down my permanent bankroll. But again I was able to call again and reactivate my bankroll, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands more.

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