Cccs Debt Consolidation

Consolidation of debts of Cccs

CCCS and National Debtline Consumer Credit Advisory Service. Consolidation of debt? We' re in debt and we' re gonna check our paychecks every weekend. We' re currently about $18k in our debt. This was not a conventional auto-credit but a credit cardstyle one.

I' m paying $201 a months at the moment, with nothing to show for it. I then have about $8k on a Discover map (which is about $600 over the limit) and another $4k on an old student Master map I used to have.

Not only am I not getting anywhere, but from time to time Im Late and have to dig in latest charges, and also discover about limits charges. Identification just likes to mail $500/month to each ticket and get off payed... but just don't have the money stream to do it.

As I said, im happy to make minimal interim deposits..... I' ve been saying for the last year now, I've wrecked my loan. Never was Iv more than 1 months too late, but this 1 months too later thing has happend a couple of occasions on various things.... makes me angry when I think about it, because it was almost perfection, except for the high debts... but the payout story was always good.

However, all my credentials are highly interesting, like 18% or higher. oh blah blah... they way i see it, we're not going to get anywhere by making minimum payouts for like 50 years.....

I want to be debt-free until I'm 30 (5 years)................................................................ What I am hearing are all these tales about places like CCCS... they are consolidating all your credits, lowering your interest rates and all you have to do is just give them like $20/month. Can someone please give me some opinion... what's the good/bad thing to do something like CCCS... and if that's not the itinerary... what's the itinerary to go?

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