Central Bridging Loans

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Bridging Central, Bridging Loan specialist and tailored solutions for short-term financing. Centre bypass profile, £1M to 10M, up to 70% LTV Bridging is a specialist for unregulated short-term financing for companies. By working with both professionals and clients at a higher, more individual levels, they strive to deliver an industry-leading quality of services. Taking the hassle of comprehensively assessing and quickly understanding each customer, they can then deliver suggestive words within a few acres.

Borrower can be between 18 and 70 years old (with potentially no cap if the withdrawal is due to the disposal of the property), and Central Bridging is able to provide loans for a broad array of commercial uses, provided there is a robust repayment schedule. Whereas some creditors are afraid of customers with backlogs or historical loan issues, Central are always ready to check each client on a case-by-case base.

While Central is secured against ownership, they give a great deal to single clients who look at their futures and do not focus on errors they have made in the past. In addition to clients with unfavorable lending problems, Central can also support those who wish to recoup an outstanding short-term debt.

The interest cannot be payed each month and is included in the credit instead. Interest will be calculated for at least 3 month for all loans. Apart from loans repaid within the first three month, no other prepayment penalty payments are made. Interested in a Central Bridging offer? Call us today on 01277 508418 or contact us using the above quotation request number.

For the simple request for quotation we do not calculate any charges. EZV is a registered EZV loan intermediary and we are here to help you obtain the most efficient financing for your real estate or commercial venture. You can use Central Bridging to make a basic choice, which includes the amount you can lend and the tariffs within a few working days of application.

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