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Fees attached to getting actual money from your credit cards this way are high for a reason; most people who use credit cards this way are bad risks. The Chase Secured Credit Card is issued by the Chase Bank.

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Did anyone apply to Chase for a refund for damages to a rented vehicle? What was your experiment like? However, I believe that rent a vehicle insurances through MasterCard or Visas are not the issuer to be. Refund policy is quite stringent, but different for both sides. Check out this new thread out, where folks were sharing their research, although not their experiance with pretensions (I'm not sure it will make the kind of chase credit card a difference):

The reason why Chase Sapphire Reserve is the best US travel credit card.....

It has been child's play for years: the best way to use points was to move them from a credit card to an air carrier or your own hospitality, to take profitable, mature chances to spend a relatively small pile of points on a flight or your own hospitality valued at a metric tonne.

However, with this more complicated than ever procedure, Chase chose to provide the best price for issuing points directly for flights or hotels. Translations: You do not need to gain a doctorate in points to achieve high value for them. Use your points to reserve a plane or your accommodation on the Chase website, or you can still use your points to fly to an airline to unlock your insane value.

With Chase, you have better ways to redeem your points for any airline or hostel directly with Chase than any other banking institution. $500 in clothes and needs for 6-hour delayed flights. A $100 Global Entry Credit - also known as FREE Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. The Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection is available to hotels around the world.

You can use your card anywhere in the world. Three points on all trips directly reserved with airline companies and hotel - and also on the food. One $1000 ticket would score 3,000 points without the amount of mileage you' re going to collect. Eating is a very versatile concept in real life, and even your early milk coffee can collect 3x Chase Sapphire Reserve Points!

On all other shopping, you get a sound point for every buck you spent, and that's not limited. And the more you pay, the more you make - in a responsible way, of course. These are some of the most fantastic ways to redeem your points, including 93,000 points for Korean Air First First Class, 15,000 points for a Michelin-star dining with a celebrity cook via Marriott Moments (with of course wine), 25,000 points for five-star supers Hyatt luxurious hotel, 50,000 Virgin Atlantic points for Flatbed European Travel in the Delta.

Yes, this card quickly opens all these possibilities. We' re also happy to spend 100,000 points to buy Roundtrip Busi-ness Classic ticket practically anywhere in the globe during the sale of your Flash ticket. Here you can register for the map. What is the most precious Chase Sapphire Reserve for you?

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