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Mortgages life insurance | Life insurance Insurance is conceived in such a way that it pays out an amount of money if you should decide to terminate the insurance during the term of the contract. Money could be used to cover the family's daily needs, lifestyles and cost of living, or to cover the mortgage. This means that your beloved ones could still stay in the house without having to worry about the mortgage.

When you need to take out a mortgage insurance plan to secure your mortgage, you can opt for insurance that begins at 6 per cent per annum. Obtain a quotation today to see how much your insurance might charge. You can use our pocket calculator to determine how much coverage you need. For a surcharge, you can take out serious health insurance when taking out a basic insurance plan or a declining one.

You could be disbursed a monetary amount if you are found to have one of the listed diseases we treat, such as myocardial infarction, cancers and strokes. There are some kinds of cancers that are not covered and to be eligible for some diseases you need to have persistent manifestations. This amount of money could help alleviate the emotive and physical stresses you might be feeling.

The free of charge insurance is incorporated at no extra charge and without any automatic delay between the replacement of your policies and the conclusion of your real estate transaction. Further supplementary services such as death benefit insurance are also covered. She could disburse the full amount of coverage if the expected service period is less than 12-month. It is not a saving or investing instrument and has no present value unless a current entitlement is asserted.

In the case of life insurance, your insurance company may not fully repay your mortgage unless you make sure that your coverage is adapted to new mortgage agreements. In the case of decreasing life insurance, you must also verify that the interest on your mortgage is not higher than the interest on your insurance policy.

Please review the Policy Summary (PDF 1.61MB), Policy Booklet (PDF 204KB) and other important information before applying.

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