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Immediately get your on-line offer*. In order to make savings and enhance your company. What will you be saving? Our clients are saving on averages 45% of their card processing charges, can we help you do more? When you are new to card payment, you can get settled within 10 workdays.

Change provider? What is the best way to select dealer service?

What is shaping the card payment industry? Our company is an expert in the search for the best card processing solutions, cheapest card terminal, dealer etc. Bringing companies together with the best retail suppliers in the UK enables us to offer the cheapest suppliers of card machines and card processing.

10 top providers & vendors

These are just a few of their functions for companies that want to make card transactions online: Pay more quickly without having your customer input their credit or debit card information every single token. Receive payment internationally in 25 different currency. Also, now their own portable credit card engine named Paypal is offering here. only 1.6% credit card fee.

Purchase key, Facebook Shop & Messenger payment methods as well. Bargain offer: To try Shopify free for 14 consecutive day without a credit card, click here! One of the world's premier providers of payment processing technologies, Worldpay is the UK's premier retail services company. These are some of the advantages they can provide for your business:

Processes approximately 42% of British card transactions. Offers on-site in-store, on-line and portable merchant acceptability offerings. Charges of 1.4% + 20% for credit and debit card use. 2.9% + 20% charges for non-European credit and debit card. More than 135 different currency options. Remember your card data so that your clients can make repayments with a click.

Portable card readers from only 19 ?! Square Readers is the world's most widely used portable card readers. Accepts card transactions on-line and over the telephone via the POS client as well. These are just a few of the things they can provide for your business: Provides on-line, face-to-face, telephone and bill pay solution. Charges of only 0.59 per purchase (invoice payment).

Accommodate any method of payments, up to and beyond PayPal in more than 25 different currency. It is a term used in the UK payments industry and is probably best known for how you are paying for pre-paid programs in the UK. But they also provide a number of other paymentservices, including: Offering terminal-based card payments via Lloyds Candnet.

These are some of the advantages they offer: Receive all common credit and debit card types. Flexibility in making payments with card vending terminals, by telephone or on-line. Substitute card machine, usually the next one. Installl your product and service and train your people. Providing solution for both dealers and banks.

Incentive & Gift Card Solution. It gives you maximum versatility when making card transactions, whether they are made on-line, in-person or over the telephone. Awarded face to face, on-line and via telephone call processing systems. Direction of fare management maintains that it is Europe's premier supplier of trading and sales products.

Provides trading and sales support to over 60,000 small and medium-sized companies across the UK. Cover card prices as long as you are a client. Propose the next morning substitution of card terminals. For over 25 years Payzone has been offering UK based online billing systems. For over twenty years, Elavon has been a leading player in processing transactions, using the world's best technology for our clients, from large global companies to small local companies.

A few uniquely offered features are among others: Fanship loyalty program, offers and gift card program. Tailor-made tailor-made solution for your industry. You are the number one airline payments processing company. Elavon's own card terminals are capable of accepting Apple pays. Throughout the world, we specialize in processing card payments for clients of all sizes, from owner-managed companies to multinational corporations in all sectors.

HSBC's UK card processing partner of choice. Custom solution for education, hospitality, on-line, retail and transportation. Receive your money on-line, in personal and via MPOS. Established in 2007, Retail Merchant Services takes an objective view of card processing and delivers the best possible package with no disguised charges.

Some important facts about their services: Deliver solution to over 45,000 small business customers in the UK and Ireland. Consulting in the selection of the right on-line shop softwares. They' re offering: NOT a minimal MMSC ( "Monthly Message Service"), approval fee, card not present transaction premium or membership fee. Lloyds Bank and has been offering card payments for companies since 1997.

The objective is to facilitate the acceptance of card purchases using card vending terminals, cross-border transaction processing and assistance in establishing on-line purchases. A few advantages they offer: 04/04 billion annual transaction with 61 pounds. 3 billion card purchases each and every months. The Barclaycard is the settlement department of Barclays Bank. You provide the following services:

Desktops, portables, mobile and Anywhere card presses. There are a number of sites that make it very easy to accept credit card and new electronic transactions. This is a computer based system for processing transactions in the absence of a client, which works on a notebook, tray or smart phone. You are representing AIB Merchant Services and are offering the following:

Saisonal card machines for companies that only run in sommer. Face-to-face, telephone and on-line pay options. British clients are offered them: Easy acceptance of business, application, online or telephone transactions. The Allied Irish Bank (AIB) is one of the biggest suppliers of Irish settlement services with substantial activities in Ireland and the UK.

Some of the advantages and advantages they offer: In 2014, more than 30 billion euro in payment were made. Provide Clover POS for payment in the shop. Provide authay to receive on-line payment. Headquartered in Surrey, Intelligent Merchant Solutions was formed by a group of experts with over 20 years of card processing expertise.

They' re offering: How HSBC Dealer Service can help your business: It is easy for you to accepted card payment from abroad. Receive secure payment on-line with the Global Iris from Global Payment. Prizewinning card deception prevention. You work with a variety of bankers to help you get the right trading service for your company.

They' re offering: Fifty-one alternate means of paymen. The Independent merchant service company was founded in 2011 after the experience of its managing director in the search for a dealer service company. The Monek Group is a money transfer company based on a long heritage of reliable, secured handling of transactions dating back to 1998. They' re offering: Elavon currently offers Santander merchandise service (see above).

They' re currently offering: NATOwest provides its merchandise service in conjunction with Worldpay. Collectively, they offer: The BOI UK (BOIPA UK) is a joint venture between the Bank of Ireland UK and EVO International (see above). They' re offering: This is a quick, effective system that you can adapt to your needs.

Streamline / WorldPay provides RBS Merchnat service. And they also provide their merchandise through Worldpay. Clydesdale Bank, like many other large high-street financial institutions, provides its trading through Worldpay. Series of personal, on-line and telephone-based billing options, as well as billing and 21-currency billing with meCurrency.

Possibility to make cash-back transactions possible. Terminal offering pre-authorisation. The Metro Bank's preferential trading service broker partners are acceptance card merchants specializing in making transactions. Among the provided sevices are: Face to face multi-channel payouts till on-line. Support native fare management from around the globe, across all fare management systems. Capability to accepts all common credit and debit card types.

Complimentary SMS notification directly to your cell phones. Our range of products andervices includes:: Whilst they provide an incredible item at a good value (card scanners are only 25 pounds!), they are by no means the only one. It is the Paypal card scanner. Charges from 1. 95% to 2. 75% per card transaction.

You can also make telephone transfers. The Verifone Group is one of the biggest suppliers of PDQ card terminal worldwide. Among the product's portfolio of products are a number of PDQ devices, multimedia and unattended payments systems. You can also provide your customers with your own ERP software to process transactions on-line. Using Alipay' leading 450 million user pay application in China, Alipay''s e-355 enables you to pay at Alipay!

Business payments comprise the following: Desktops, handheld and cordless terminal, POS integration, mobiles and unsupervised terminal. You can also provide on-line and cell phone payments. Helps drive revenue growth with your payments and transaction processing capabilities. The Payleven is another favourite cardreader. You can still buy your card reader on-line, but they were recently bought by SumUp (see below).

The card readers can still be bought from Amazon for £70. SummUp provides a very basic and easily understandable answer for companies that need a portable cardroom. Lump sum charges of only 1.69%, no difference how much or little you handle each and every months. You must be able to pay for all British credit and debit card purchases.

The card is only £29 via this hyperlink. The next morning, no matter who you' re banking with. It offers both a card scanner and a POS system. The credit card rate is only 1.5%. The Smarttrade App is a truly personal paymentsolution. Possibility of passing on card charges to the client (so that you do not have to make these payments).

The PB Collection Solutions is a collaborative effort between Pitney Bowes and First Data Merchant Solutions (see above). They' re offering: Fixed, Bluetooth (wireless) or GPRS (mobile) devices. The largest player in the field of on-line checkout are Paypal UK, Shopify, Stripe and Klarna. It can help you to make card purchases if you only plan to sell your cards on-line.

Klarna cash flow (see above) with interest rate of only 1.99%. Klarna provides a variety of unprecedented on-line business transaction processing via check-out and billing solutions. Part of these are: - Business administration When ordering on line please make your reservation after receipt of delivery. Provide all other common means of paying. The Amazon Direct Debit (formerly Amazon Payments) is Amazon's debit and credit card processing system.

Simply append your method of purchase to your cashier. Secure Trading was established in 1997 and maintains that it is one of the world's premier third-party payments services companies. Electronic gateway with various methods of payments. The Global Iris is the Global Payments on-line payments system (see above). Re-direct Global Iris is your hosting paymentsolution.

It is also simple to receive phone calls. Tailor-made e-commerce solution for ordering groceries on-line. Since 2010, DataCash has been part of Mastercard and provides the foundation for its secure and secure data transfer system. Approve: credit and debit card, on-line and off-line transfer, e-wallet, credit card, prepaid card, gift voucher, prepaid card, direct debiting and bar.

More than 130 different exchange rates with different billing exchange rate settings. Among other things, the offered service includes: Check processing and imaging. You do not have to process, transfer or save any card data that is too high. The 2Checkout service is focused on assisting the retailer in accepting payment from shoppers around the world, both via mobiles and on-line.

Provide recurrent settlement functions. Supports 8 methods of paying, 15 languages and 87 currency settings. The Realex payments business unit is part of Global payments, one of the world's largest providers of secure and secure electronic commerce products and systems. There are 3 harbored on-line paying systems available: Embedded, lightweightbox and direct. All WePay does is make platform payouts. Card processing end-to-end solution.

The Allied Wallet offers a total billing transaction management system for companies that need to pay on-line. Allow 164 different denominations. Cardstream was founded in 1999 and is an independant supplier of wholesale billings. With MOTO, Net, merchant partners can authorize, bill and administer credit card transaction through Web pages and call centers for distance selling and phone orders (MOTO).

There are no hidden charges, no annual renewal charges and no cancellation charges. iPayment provides small companies with a wide range of paymentsolutions. Provide your own high-performance Expinet Transfer Station. It is fully embedded in some of the most widely used basket merchandising sites. The London & Zurich office primarily handles debit transactions, but also provides a range of gatewayservices.

Pulse, a next-generation point-of-sale payments Gateway solution, is the Payworks solution leader. QuicBooks On-line Payments has superseded Intuit Pay and provides PayPal & GoCardless on-line payments capabilities. Default PayPal dealer fee (see above). Planetary Payments provides pioneering payments processing software packages. Provide global payments, transactions and multi-currency processing capabilities.

CCNow is a safe merchant that closes the loop between buying on-line and buying on-line. The PayLane is an on-line pay service that assists e-business to receive on-line pay as seamlessly as possible. Sales with 160+ currency and 30+ method of pay. Whilst most traders usually agree to all kinds of traders, they usually bill much higher charges due to the higher processing risk.

Since 1998, it has been in operation and processes more than a billion US dollar each year. Various schedules for on-line commerce, dates, non-profit, high-risk, livestock, and subscription. Since 1998, it has been in operation, enabling more than 50,000 high-risk publishers to develop their on-line operations. For all customers, pay the card system subscription fee.

At Epoch, we are a leading supplier of on-line invoicing products and consulting worldwide. The processing fee depends on the amount of your order and adjusts itself to your actual sale number. The Instabill was founded to help retailers procure credit card processing equipment for high-risk and off-shore credit cards. Offer off-shore and cross-border bank business. Processing in multiple currencies. Since 1997 Web Merchant offers a save, secured and dependable handling of payments.

Since 2001, Skrill has been making electronic transactions easy, safe and fast. One tap payouts. Integrated directly or through a certified service provider. For Paysafe, the challenge is to shape the way of the financial services industry with a constantly developing technology base. Wide choice of options for handling your transactions. Wallet and Stored Value Solution. Subsequent invoice paying, installment paying and month billing solution.

Over 100 billing methods with a singular integrated approach. Get immediate payouts. Include Payza pay buttons in a few moments. The Groupon Merchant is Groupon's solution for companies that want to market via their platforms. Easily cash in groupons with your portable applications. The WebMoney Transfer is a worldwide processing system and on-line trading ecosystem founded in 1998.

Approve WebMoney via a wideget or icon on your website. Integrated payment for on-line and cellular game. Receive payment via your portable application or portable website. Handle telephone and postal charges and get immediate permission. Receive credit card, debit card and e-check information in the sales force or home theater.

Pay other Payzer customers and make bill transfers to anyone. Deposit card rate is 1.39%.

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