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There are several ways to offer our clients the best French mortgage rates. Personals lending is now less expensive than mortgage lending as Sainsbury's reduces the interest rates to 2.8 percent.

Face-to-face loan rates have fallen drastically in the last five years and have now fallen below 3 for the first times - making them less expensive than many mortgage loans. Sainsbury's Bank now calculates 2.9pc clients to lend between £7,500 and £19,999. Nectar card holders are charged an even lower fee of 2.8 units if the card has a maturity of more than three years.

That makes the credits less expensive than many mortgage types. Mean default interest rates for a home loan are 4.62, and even the Stafford Railway Building Society's minimum default interest rates are higher at 2.95. Sainsbury's private loan is also less expensive than the best two and five year term mortgage for 5 -piece debt.

Whilst it is noticeable that uncollateralised consumer credit can be less expensive than collateralised collaterals, in case of failure, borrower can in fact fight to use the credit to finance a real estate portfolio or to repay debts. As an example, Sainsbury's bank said it would not be lending to buyers who want the fund to back a mortgage request.

It will also not allow clients to use the loan to buy UK or overseas real estate, reimburse bad capital or reimburse part of their mortgages. Sainsbury's Bank would reimburse 179.07 per month, equivalent to a savings of 1,393 pounds in interest, to those who today raise the same amount over the same period.

Here's the cash advance facility.

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This agreement is available for new customers or current Home Owners who wish to make a return commitment and only need to lend up to 65 per cent of the value of their home, up to a max £500,000. They can also make an overpayment of up to 10 percent of your mortgages per year without penalties.

Like always with conspicuous hypothecary transactions there is a hook. This charge is the equivalent both of an additional 62. 46 a months on your months mortgage repayments, says Hagger. Hypothecaries with high products or processing charges work better for those who borrow large amounts than for those with smaller home loan amounts.

For example, if you only need to lend 150,000, you would get a two-year flat from the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, which charged at 1. 49 per cent more but with a much smaller £195 charge you would do much better. "That works out 464 pounds cheaper than the HSBC agreement over two years, the equivalent  of £19 savings. 33 each month," Hagger says.

The HSBC also lists the package here and charges 1. 99 percent to 65 percent LTV, although with the same costly 1,499 pounds charge.

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