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Historically, a passenger queues at an aerodrome for check-in hour before their departure, which means that they acknowledge their arrivals and departure with the personnel of the carrier. However, it is now much more frequent for carriers to provide online check-in or web check-in so that you can check in conveniently from home or from your cell phone.

Therefore, we encourage our customers to use online check-in wherever possible, as we believe this has a number of advantages: One of the most important things about online check-in is the cost-benefit. A number of airline companies now levy charges at check-in at the airports, while most airline companies provide free online check-in.

In addition, some carriers provide rebates on hold luggage or other online reservation service instead of full fare at the airports. Online check-in is therefore often a much less expensive alternative than check-in at the airports. There' s nothing more serious than to arrive at the check-in desk at the international airports to see a room full of tortuous lines and the personnel announce that you have to stay an hours.

If you check in online, there are no waiting lines because you have done everything before. That makes the entire check-in procedure much faster, giving you more free rein for yourself and less queuing especially if you're traveling without hold baggage. Check-in also means that there is one less thing to do when you are at the airports.

Check in from your desk, cell phone or tray, which means you can do it conveniently from home or on the go. Check-in on the Internet also means that you can often select your places in advance so that you can be sure that you are seated where you want, or if you are travelling as a group, you can be seated together.

What is the online check-in procedure? It is important to consult your carrier about its check-in policies when finalizing your reservation. However, it is good to check the timeframe in which you can do this, as some carriers can shut down their online check-in a few working lessons before your flight departs and you may have to foot the charges for the check-in at the airports as stated.

In addition, it is important to check the destinations to which you are traveling in order to accept the online check-in. Use your selected equipment to comply with the check-in or check-in application on the airport website and select any extra service such as groceries, upgrade or luggage extra. After check-in, you must receive your boarding card.

A number of carriers provide pick-up at the airports, but most allow you to print from home. However, if you don't have printouts, you can often upload your booking to your cell phones, e-mail or the carrier application if it has one - just leave enough charges on your cell phones if you choose this option to be able to scan your tickets at the airports.

You do not have to be concerned about check-in on the date of your flight out. Instead, if you have baggage, go directly to the airline's baggage claim office. And if you only have carry-on baggage, you can jump over this and go to safety where you need to show your boarding card.

However, if you have forgotten your flight card or your telephone has run out of batteries, you can still go to the check-in counter to print your tickets again, but please note that some carriers may levy charges for this.

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