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New Ipswich Town 1 West Brom 2 - Report and images

Rodriguez and Barnes hit before Albion escaped a riot to take the lead in the lower Ipswich team. Baggies stopped a three-match vinless run on their journeys, but it wasn't as simple as it should have been on Portman Road. Rodriguez and Barnes - who arrived in both halves - scored well and apparently set them on course for a convenient win.

However, a Tosin Adarabioyo mistake enabled Kayden Jackson to score for Paul Lambert's Tractor Boys. Going to the third match with the same men from the outset, Ipswich was eager to make a strong debut in the fight - to give himself the best chances to celebrate a first victory at home, and to get a naturally troubled fan base behind ex-wolf chieftain Lambert and his team.

Followers of the tractors were welcomed with bobbin lace on the seat and made a lot of noises during the assembly to the kick-off. Desperate to get high, they hit the Baggies middle-field three with Jake Livermore, James Morrison and Matt Phillips several nights asleep - but then they hurried to the last run and gave the back to Moore's men.

Knudsen blitzed across the transverse bar for Ipswich with his right hand, before Phillips took an angular gunshot right past the rear upright. Even before these experiments Rodriguez made his way to Albion. Baggies mainly went long, and many of these shots didn't find their goal. The Tractor Boys kept exerting downward pressures on themselves by giving stupid free shots.

You were almost forced to make a payment because a Phillips shipment found its way to Ahmed Hegazi, who somehow came closer to the angle than to the gate. Philips had far too much right side to swing his back on the rear posts. Kieran Gibbs, who led the back across the gate and gave Rodriguez the easy job of ending from a few metres away, waited there.

Then Ipswich seemed more jumpy with every passing second. You tried to stay on the ball and put things into action, but your decisions were bad. However, the Baggies seemed to be satisfied with being patients and choosing their jobs. Shortly before the intermission, Barnes breached the counterattack. Rodriguez was rejected by one last Trevoh Chalobah bloc.

Tractor Boys, supported by Lambert's certainly passionate collaborative chat, Jordan Roberts, Matthew Pennington and Chalobah had all tried to find a dock bridge in a harsh environment. Then Ipswich went on to float the ball into the crate, and in Albion's favor they swept the overwhelming bulk of them away as quickly as possible.

Before Hal Robson-Kanu twice tried Tractor Boys glove maker Bartosz Bialkowksi, Bill Met the goal. And then came a golden opportunity for the baggies to match their odds. It was Rodriguez who was able to get into the area, but it took him too long to squeeze the shot near the point with the goal at his foot - and Jordan Spence intervention.

Leicester lender bore a quick counterattack. From the right side he carved and hit the football with his right leg into the near edge. But Ipswich wouldn't go down without a battle. Schussstopper Bialkowski exited his gate and blew up the other end of the field to try to find one, but that wasn't it.

When you think about the whole match, you get three points for the Baggies.

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