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Online compilation of the best e-mail testing tools Don't be scared of e-mail tests. Many free or free web -based utilities are available to help you test your SPAM score, delivery capability and even the ranking of your emails. Here we present 30 e-mail testers. Have a look at the full listing! Writing a copy and creating an e-mail templates is not enough.

Dispatching e-mails without due tests can totally wreck your campaigns and even corrupt your subscriptions basis. Uncertified e-mail can result in: a high opt-out rate: no one wants to keep getting unskilled and unpleasant mail in their inboxes; loss of credibility: they don't want you to make folks think you're not professional enough to deliver a strange-looking, brand-damaging e-mail.

Aside from the e-mail designing challenges your subscription can face, there is delivering - another problem that can negatively impact your e-mail market. While you may make your designs flawless, due to delivery difficulties, your e-mail just doesn't end up in your recipient's inbox, so all your efforts at advertising are in futile.

Therefore, you need to evaluate your e-mails against the reputations of your senders and the SPAM score. This is our toolbox to help you test your e-mail campaigns and troubleshoot e-mail designs and delivery problems. Today, many ESPs provide e-mail previews, but if you don't use ESP, there are still a number of utilities that can help you get a look at your e-mails in different e-mail programs.

While PutsMail was taken over by Litmus a few years ago, it still provides a free e-mail originator utility that allows you to submit HTML e-mails to several e-mail adresses. They still need to enroll different e-mail account to run the test, but at least they offer a correctly set up e-mail delivery system.

The Inbox Inspector is the best free e-mail previewer available on the shelves. It is powered by GetResponse and allows you to view your e-mails in 18 different e-mail client completely free of charge. Of course, their aim is to get you on as a GetResponse client, where they provide more granular e-mail previews.

The Mailtrap is a faked mail trap for testing and displaying e-mails. There is a free subscriptions scheme with a restricted number of e-mails. You can also analyse e-mails for SPAM and lists of people. The EmailReach is a chargeable utility with a one-day free evaluation phase that lets you check what your e-mail looks like in key e-mail client and on various portable gadgets.

E-mail on Acid also has a pretty mighty previews utility where you can even try your e-mail submissions in some really fanciful e-mail programs like or Lackmus is the greatest name in e-mail ranking testing. Advantage is that they have a really good level of support, but only provide a very brief - 3 days - free test.

Basically, you can evaluate how your e-mails are perceived by your public by opening and clicking through the click rates (engagement) and in case of spamming complains (reputation). You can also use specific ressources to help you check the reputations of your senders. Senderbase is a Cisco service that verifies your image by rating you as good, impartial or bad.

Transmitter Score assesses your call on a dial from 0 to 100. And the higher your score, the better your image and the higher your e-mail delivery time. ReputationAuthority lets you look up your Internet Protocol addresses or domains, get a 0-100 reputational value, and get the percent of e-mails that were good and not.

Through the Barracuda Renown System, a real-time spammer sender mailing list with good e-mail practice, BarracudaCentral is a utility to look up Internet Protocol (IP) and Internet Protocol (DPA) reputational data. McAfee's TrustedSource is a utility to check how your website is classified in different SmartFilter Internet or Webwasher URL Filter databases.

Provides information about the reputation of your domains via emails and web, as well as membership, the DNS and information about the mailing servers. No. Mails Tester is a free utility to check your spamming score. System will calculate your SPF score depending on whether you are on the blacklist or not, your SPF entry, DKIM and your SPF keys.

E-mail on Acid has a test function for testing e-mail against spammers and blacklists. This function is, however, available when you log in for the entire site. The Litmus also has a test function for testing your e-mail using various criteria such as call, originator authentication and important filter settings.

The Postmark is a free e-mail rating and rating system that evaluates the contents of your e-mails. You even have a light JSON API that you can incorporate into your own SPAM score testing SPAM testing platforms. Below are some other free SPAM testing utilities available as part of the SpamAssassin project:

The SendForensics is an e-mail delivery suites that thoroughly evaluates the delivery capability of your e-mail campaigns by taking into account your senders value, e-mail contents, SPAM filter losses and other parameter. They can check whether you are on the blacklist or not, check e-mail address in your subscriptions and even test how your e-mails are sent in different types of mail.

It also has a Contents Ticker that evaluates how SPAM filter handles your e-mail contents. This is a SaaSool with a free test phase. Occasionally you may need to verify that your e-mail addresses are correct. This is a hybrid set of reference line verification utilities (no true tests).

SubjectLine assesses your subjects against more than 3 billion e-mail emails sent and followed through its affiliates and customers. This shows you what leads to higher response times and better delivery of incoming mail. It can be useful if this function is not available in your normal e-mail client-mail previewer modes.

Previously, an ISP used contents and subjects as a criterion to identify whether it was or was not spamming. They are now more sophisticated and use different criterions to measure the reputations of the sender: Allows you to perform custom operations such as move emails from the Spam/Action folders to your mailbox. Please include a note if you know of an e-mail test utility that we have missing in this compilation!

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