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The State of Illinois is filing a complaint to impose a non-compete obligation on low-wage earners who are illegal and ineligible.

State of Illinois has lodged a lawsuit against Check Into Cash of Illinois, Inc. in a somewhat uncommon move. Checking Into Cash has 33 shops in Illinois (and others in the United States) offering cash day loan, security loan, check deposit, bill of exchange and cash credit. Check Into Cash staff can be divided into three categories: account executives, assistants and branch heads.

Irrespective of the title, it is claimed that all three employee rankings support clients at branch offices, handle day-to-day management responsibilities, and conduct collection procedures. According to the complainant, branch staff do not offer strongly individualised goods or ser -vices, but standardised and not one-of-a-kind goods orervices. Moreover, the grievance claims that staff will have little to no exposure to business confidentiality and that many make less than $13 per incident.

Recruiting, retrieving, completing, offering or providing as employees, directly or indirectly, suspended presentations, suspended deposits and/or other prepayments, cheque payments, pledge loans, guaranteed or uncovered open loan payments, guaranteed or uncovered instalment payments, guaranteed or uncovered lump-sum payments and/or other retail loan or cash transfer payments,

Representative, advisor or otherwise on behalf of any person, legal person or corporation who provides a suspended presentation, deposits and/or other prepayment service, redemption service, pawnbroking service, secure or unsecured open -ended loan service, secure or unsecured instalment loan service, secure or unsecured instalment loan service, secure or unsecured retail loan service, and/or other retail loan service or transfer of funds service;

or] selling any product or service that is competitively or similarly related to the Company's product or service. According to the complainant, the abovementioned limitation is'vague, equivocal, excessively wide and unlawful'. "For example, the limitation does not restrict excluded employees to real Check Into Cashallengers.

It is also claimed that the geographical limit - within a 15 mile radius around an agency or Check Into Cash site - is too wide, as it is not restricted to the area around the employee's workstation. After all, the limitations are valid regardless of the length of employment at Check Into Cash.

In recognition of this, the Claim claims that such sensitive client or commercial information is appropriately safeguarded by Check Into Cash's Privacy and Non-Request Policy included in the employee's contracts of service and other corporate guidelines and practices. On the basis of the accusations of the complaint, it seems that Check Into Cash is fighting a hard war.

However, there are many ways in which organizations can prevent employee unfair competition, customer and employee solicitation, and/or the receipt of sensitive information.

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