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Verify my visa balance

Another way to check the balance is to call it up. Visas incentives card Have the visa gift vouchers been stamped? Gift vouchers are imprinted with a low -profile imprint that includes the value of the credit and the expiry date and an option to send a notification. Is there a restriction on the pictures I can place on my Visa Gift Certificate? Avoid pictures that could affect credit cards numbers, credentials or the Visa emblem.

Is it possible to top up my Visa Gift Certificate? Visa Gift Cards are not rechargeable. Is it possible to send the Visa Gift Card to a place outside the UK? Because of the policies and requirements of our issuer banks and visas, we only deliver to UK destinations.

May I make a sale that exceeds the amount left on my Visa Gift Certificate? "If you wish to use your Prepaid Card for a sale that exceeds the balance of your Prepaid Card transaction and the Vendor allows splitting operations, you may only calculate the precise amount available to the Prepaid Card. Please note that the amount of the splitting transaction is the same as the amount of the transaction.

Merchants may demand to pay the balance in the form of money instead of using another type of cards such as bank or debt cards. Is it possible to send a note on the Visa gift voucher? Yes, you can choose from a drop-down menu of pre-designed news items or type your own to print on your Visa Gift Cards.

May I use my Visa Gift Card at gas points, diners, online or over the telephone? Yes, but you should be advised that your Visa Gift Card may not be acceptable at automatic gas filling points. Instead of picking up your Visa gift vouchers at the gas stations, you can buy your gas at the gas filling point.

Wholesalers may request that the cardholder has an available balance in excess of the amount purchased in order to guarantee adequate resources for gratuities or ancillary costs. In this case, notify the Fund that you wish to withdraw a certain amount from the Visa Gift Certificate and use a different method of paying the balance or tip.

Please select from a selection of pre-selected Visa Gift Certificates in our gallery. Are you selling Visa gift cards? No, we're just selling vouchers for visa presents. Where do I enable my map? From the date indicated in your mail, your credit will be activated.

Can I check the order state? To check the order progress, click on your name at the top of the page. Where do I get the balance on my Visa Gift Card? Check your balance on-line or call our 24-hour support at +44 (0) 870 820 820 0284.

Merchants cannot tell you how much cash you still have on your Visa gift cards. If you know your balance before making a purchase, you can be sure that the Visa Gift Certificate has enough credit to cover your purchase. What do I do to get my credit cards registered? What does the Visa gift voucher look like?

Gift vouchers can be used wherever Visa credit passes are acceptable. In order to use the smartcard at a POS machine, just pull the magnetic strip on the back of the smartcard and signature the slip. Every use of the Visa Gift Certificate will deduct the amount of the purchased amount from the available balance until the balance is zero.

As soon as the total amount of the credit is issued, it can no longer be used as a means of payments. What is the time it will take for my Visa Gift Certificate to be sent? As a rule, your Visa gift voucher will be sent and sent within 4-5 workdays. Please click here to check our terms of service.

How can I use my Gift Certificate? Gift Certificates can be used anywhere in the world where Visa is acceptable.

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