Check my Credit Card Balance

Verify my credit card balance

Can I check the balance of my credit card? - Your Communities You can check your credit card balance in several ways: Register with Online Banking and your credit balance will be displayed in the online banking overview. Sign in to the mobile app and your credit will be displayed on the home page. Call our support team at 0345 300 4278* (Minicom 0345 671 3511*).

Choose 2 for general queries. We will ask you to type in your 16-digit credit card number, so please have it with you. Once you have signed up for online banking, you must also key in certain numbers from your securities identification number. Then choose 1 and your credit will be displayed to you.

There' s a "credit" on my account. How much is a credit?

Your balance will be credited to your bank balance each year. You can add credit if you give something back that you purchased with your credit card. You can also add credit to your bankroll based on reward you have received or due to an error in a previous invoice.

When the sum of your balances is greater than the amount owed by you, your account will display a balance. That'?s what the card company says you owed. Call your card company and ask them to send you a cheque for the balance. The card publisher may ask you to make this application in written form.

Or you can keep the balance on your bank balance to cover your upcoming fees. If, however, you keep a balance in your bank for more than 6 month, your card company will probably mail you a cheque for that amount. Such information may contain hyperlinks or referrals to third parties' ressources or contents.

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