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Well, I can stand as long as I want, but it increases my pain. outcomes We recommend that you keep your test report form in a safe place as it cannot be swapped. To have your test results sent to an institute after passing the test, please go to the test centre where you took the test. The test centre may levy a small administration levy.

However, the offical number of the test report form is only available on the hard copy test report form, which will be sent by post. Results are available approximately 13 working days after the exam date. When requesting test results, please obey the following instructions. A lot of organisations (or departments/programmes) that get electronic grades do not allow the use of hard copy test report forms.

If you have special queries about the Score Deliverymethod, please contact your favorite university. Education and training organisations and organisations welcome a wide range of applicants and accompanying material throughout the admission procedure. Therefore, we ask you to wait 2-3 week from the date you apply for your score until you upload it into your portfolio at your favorite institute (department / program).

Results for open centres cannot be obtained using this request procedure.

Diploma Programs.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) has two annual examinations. They are in May and November. The results for the May meeting will be published on 5 July. The results for the November meeting will be published on 3 January of the year following the audit. As an example, those who took their examinations in November 2018 will get their results in January 2019.

When the course co-ordinator so permits, candidates can use the IB candidates results website to view their own results. You will be able to do this one working day after the publication of the results: on 6 July for the May meeting and on 3 January for the November meeting. Approximately 80% of DP undergraduates receive their diplomas at each exam meeting.

IB has abstracts of earlier DP examinations, as well as comparison with earlier years. Once the results have been published, a school may ask for repetition signs for certain pupils if it considers the results to be unearned. They can also get a number of different kinds of feedbacks about the achievement of their pupils.

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