Check Visa Card Balance

Verify your Visa card balance

State Bank of India Foreign Travel-Money Card (National Bank of India) It is recommended that you enroll your card on the "My Account" page of this website, where you can view your State Bank Foreign Travel Card balance and check all current transaction details. You can also call our Card Services staff to use the automatic credit transfer feature. It may also be possible to check the balance at some cash dispensers, although this depends on the location in the respective countries and the cash dispenser used.

There are no charges from the State Bank of India, but there may be a charge that the ATM operators charge for checking account balances. When an ATM shows a balance for the card in US dollars or another foreign exchange, the balance shown may differ from the balance on your card as the conversion rates used by the cash machines to determine the card balance may differ from the rates we use.

For this reason, it is advisable to use the Internet via "My account" or the phone credit query. Remember: - Cash dispensers do not show a balance for each individual denomination. A precise balance for each of the currencies can only be determined under "My Account". When you have questions about your State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card balance, or discover a card purchase you don't know, please contact the Card Service 24-hour staff as soon as possible (please be aware that card purchases can only be viewed up to a 30-day limit after the transaction's withdrawal date).

It will be a pleasure for Card Services to check and validate your transactions with you. In the event that a Merchant does not perform a Merchant Agreement correctly, Card Services may initiate the litigation on your behalf and require you to submit further information in writing about any non-recognized Merchant Agreement or to fill out a Merchant Agreement Settlement Claim Forms ( click here for more information).

We recommend that you check your card balance and your transactions at least once every two weeks.

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