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The QuickCheck, CreditWise and our Repayment Calculator are just three of the many ways we can help keep your credit in check. Receive a direct response with our credit card verifier. This is how our credit card suitability tester works. Here is a checklist with some things you should consider when choosing a credit card:.

Checking credit card eligibility - Capital One QuickCheck

QuickCheck, CreditWise and our Repayment Calculator are just three of the many ways we can help keep your credit in check. Whenever you request a credit card, the app will leave a trail on your credit history that other credit card providers can see. Overly many of these markers in a hurry can decrease your chance of being approved for a credit card.

Requesting a credit card in this way can be dangerous as you do not know if you will be approved until you do. Aptitude tests are a useful way to find out if you will be approved for a credit card without making a complete request. With 100% confidence, our authorization verifier will tell you whether you will be approved before you submit your resume.

Before applying, our aptitude test gives you 100% assurance that you will be approved.

Checking credit card eligibility

Who is an authorization verifier for credit cards? Your credit card information will be used by our authorization verifier to perform a "soft" credit check to assess the probability that you will be approved for a credit card. In contrast to a credit card request, a credit card request leaves no traces in your credit card database.

If you are over 18 years old and currently have a UK legal adress, you can verify your credit card entitlement. In order to get the most precise results, you usually need at least three years of addressing histories, but there may be some maps available to you if you have less than these.

The information you supply will be executed through our HD Decisions and Capital One Credit Checkers. You link a profil on the basis of your information with the acceptability criterias of different credit card companies. We will keep your information secure and use it in accordance with our Disclaimer and Terms of Use, the HD Decisions Disclaimer and the Capital One Disclaimer.

Does an aptitude test mean a "hard" credit check? It' s not the same as a simple credit request, i.e. the use of this utility will not be marked to prospective creditors as a credit reference request. Your credit rating is checked using a software credit check, which means that it looks at the information you provide and your credit reports to assess your creditworthiness.

It also means that we can only give an estimation of your suitability for a credit card and cannot warrant that you will accept or decline it. We use your name, your adress and your username to check your credit card and to check your credit card details. Since credit card companies take charge of the safety of your earnings, your job history is used as a crude indication.

Certain maps have minimal earnings thresholds. Qualification results are estimations derived from information taken from your credit history on the date of the assessment. However, these estimations may lose accuracy over a period of years, especially if you do something that could compromise your creditworthiness. Each of our Credit Checkers ( High Definition and Capital One ) updates the information they use to evaluate your entitlement on a per-month base.

So if you're looking at results that are a few week old, you should probably restart and do a new aptitude test to get more precise results. When you have already authorized results, they are only effective for 24hrs from the time you perform the authorization check for the first time.

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