Christian Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer credit advice for Christians

they pay more for the credit they can get through loyalty cards, catalogs or subprime lenders. Provides advice, helplines and campaigns on Christian ethics. Formerly known as Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS).

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Bound by Grace focuses on how to identify our life chain, how to loosen it, and how to bind ourselves to our Lord. Let us begin with a period of adoration, glory and prayers. Following a tasty luncheon which will be serviced in our Familienzentrum, we will travel in small groups through a range of artwork and prayers.

At the end we conclude with closing comments and prayers in our Shrine.


Pugaczewski is counsellor in the Derivatives Products area. Chrisian's practise is focused on primary brokerage, derivatives, structurized derivatives, securitisations, equity and commodity issues. Our global teams support our customers in the design, structure and implementation of sophisticated financial, derivatives and securitisation technologies, as well as related services, as well as related assets and liabilities. In addition, this unit provides advice on regulation, riskmanagement and compliancy.

In particular, Christian has advised customers on the design and structure of new finance product offerings and has experience in negotiating and documenting primary brokerage and OTC derivatives deals, comprising stock, credit, hedging funds, bond, commodities and foreign exchange derivatives cross border operations, CDO, derivatives and hybrids as well as other commercial documents.

He has also advised customers on a wide range of regulated and compliant matters relating to primary broking and OTC derivatives deals.

assistance center

Phone help lines and on-line information to help all those affected by adoptions. Services for those in a bad mood or depressed, who are abnormally concerned and need someone to speak to. Advice centre for young persons between the ages of 12 and 20 in West Lothian. To learn more about this facility, visit the West Lothian Council website.

Christian philanthropy, working through a regional church community throughout the UK to provide free assistance to every debtor. Besides free of charge help with debts there are Jobclubs, help with overcoming habits or dependencies (release groups) and CAP Money Courses. Church of Scotland Welfare and Assistance Services.

Avaliable to all Scottish citizens. Hotline and advice centre, information about maternity, childbirth, abortion advice. Please see our network for information and contacts. Offer specialized assistance and help in the tracing of lost relatives. Link to regional centers and helplines. Offers confident advice and assistance on Christian insights and core beliefs to the Central Scottish population.

Provides relationships counseling, familial meditation, children's contacts and other types of familial assistance throughout Scotland. Emergency help line. Free-of-charge Scottish Credit Counseling - Credit Risk Assessment, Credit Risk Assessment, Credit Risk Assessment, Credit Risk Assessment.... free hotline, debtor information and credit risk assessment tools. To those who care about a kid or teenager, sex behavior in the real life or on-line.

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