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Cristian Credit Advisors Reviews

The Counseling Advisory reviews this list and works with students. Herald Publishing Association. The Christian coalition to the Greens. WordAlive Ministries (formerly known as Blantyre Christian Centre);.

Audit of the Association of Christian Educators in Malawi (ACEM);.

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employment defense litigation- We have extensive practice in litigating a number of disputes before state and federal tribunals in North Carolina and South Carolina and before U.S. and international states. Our defense of employer actions relates to Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act or ADEA, the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA, the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, unlawful dismissal, compensation, pay and hours, damages and other work-related actions.

Complaints - We have the expertise and capabilities to deal with multidistrict complaints, class-action lawsuits and multidistrict disputes and to administer the recovery database typical of such large, complicated disputes. Test Drive - We have the expertise, the latest technologies and the ressources to try out job and work cases in practically any forums if necessary.

If required, we also support our attorneys in matters of media law, litigation and other forms of settlement. Administrative & Regulatory Investigations and Compliance - We practise routine before a wide range of government and state authorities that manage labour legislation and regulation, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Equal State Employment Practises Offices, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and Ministries of Labour.

Our company also provides employer investigation, audit and reaction service in order to achieve full law enforcement at minimum cost and disruption. Wages & Working Hours - We offer employer strategy in wages and hours, focusing on FLSA regulatory mandates, country-specific wages and hours questions, time off from working hours and regulatory controls on time.

In addition, we act for clients in execution procedures instituted by ministries of employment of the German Federation and the German Länder and in disputes concerning both individual and class action lawsuits. Our lawyers work in close cooperation with the employer to master the subtleties of ADA and FMLA as well as the applicable regulations. Providing employer advocacy to make informed choices about ill and hurt workers and minimise the often unavoidable burden of law.

Occupational OSHA Conformity - Workplaces face increasing aggressiveness from government and state occupational healthcare and security authorities, as well as annoying new records and injuries records requests. Working with employer and external advisors, we help pinpoint areas of possible non-compliance prior to implementation. Recruitment Consulting and Policy - We help organisations create, implement, change and enforce HR guidelines and approaches to worker relationships.

Managementtraining - We work in close cooperation with corporate lawyers, corporate managers and HR managers to design and deliver leadership development programmes. Courses are tailored to the specific needs of customers and may cover EEO and non-discrimination, sex abuse, handling ill and hurt workers, efficient HR practice involving recruitment, assessment, disciplinary action and dismissal, pay and hourly matters, work-related violence and new labour legislation developments.

The ERISA Disputes - In collaboration with our staff benefit lawyers, we deal with a wide range of ERISA disputes on behalf of our principals, which include the defence of refusal of health, invalidity, life, termination and annuity benefit rights, ERISA pre-emption, recourse, interchange action and violation of trustee duties. Specifically in the context of such transaction, we prepare and conduct labor contracts, management remuneration schemes, records maintenance schemes, consultancy contracts, termination and parachuting arrangements.

In addition, we ensure adherence to the WARN Act and other relevant legislation arising from such operations. Labor Relations and Non-Competition Notices, Unfair Commercial Practices and Protection of Business Disclosures - We advise and support employees in the preparation, implementation, amendment and enforcement of labor relations and related antitrust, business disclosure and other sensitive information protection arrangements.

In addition, we pursue and protect restricted agreements, staff robbery, breaches of trust obligations, dishonest trading practice and claims for embezzlement of business secrets. Migration - Our migration lawyers advise multi-national, overseas and local businesses across the globe in industries such as manufacture, telecoms, software engineering, e-commerce and finance. Our expertise is in dealing with migration questions for research workers, academics, engineering professionals, computer professionals and managers who have special needs and ensure imaginative and hostile migration policies.

Trade union-free workplace education and policy - We support pro-active employer engagement to preserve and protect their trade union-free job position. These include patterning appropriate interview and recruitment practice to prevent salination and other potentially aggressive trade union endeavours, educating leaders and management on the symptoms of trade union organising activity, developing approaches to making their businesses less appealing to trade union organisers, and "TIPS" on trade union prevention trainings for frontline leaders who deal with staff who may be considering support for organising.

To ensure that the Company's policy on trade union issues is clearly and fairly set out and that there are reasonable limitations on external requests, we are reviewing and revising the Staff Manual and other guidelines. Complaint mediation - For those who are already unionised, we offer mediation in complaint proceedings, which include investigations, attempted solutions and, where appropriate, mediation of trade-union complaints.

Tariff negotiation - We provide regular advice to employer during primary negotiation or re-negotiation of terminated collective agreements. Proposing innovative ways of negotiating with trade unionists and helping to ensure that unionised organisations are positioned for greater negotiation leadership agility. It also assists the employer in establishing whether new work guidelines, practices and services need to be negotiated with the employee delegate before they are implemented.

Representing before the National Labour Relations Board - Recent staff changes have made the NLRB more trade-union friendly. Represents employees in NLRB administration proceedings, such as defending employees against adverse labour practices and prosecuting ULP actions against trade unionists who contravene the NLRA. Advising non-unionised workplaces on labour matters - An organisation does not need to be unionised to deal with labour law matters under the National Labour Relations Act.

To ensure that our customers are informed about labour law matters relating to non-union jobs, such as preventing unintentional wage negotiations, recognising and managing concentrated activities at non-union jobs, and dealing with workplace and other NLRA disputes. Counterparty risk was approximately $40 million for compensation, interest and attorneys' costs under the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act.

OFCCP Audit Complex solved a systematic allegation of discriminatory claims made by the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, alleging that thousands of candidates were discriminated against by a large local employers based on a prejudiced suitability test. A potentially hazardous class action lawsuit for unsalaried hours of compensation was submitted on arrears on behalf of more than 100 present and former personnel of an area producer.

In the complaint, the claimant claimed that the entity had made improper changes to its working hours under the Fair Labor Standards Act, resulting in high demands for compensation for overtime. Applicants were represented there by a specialised domestic undertaking. A very controversial allegation concerning common labour problems between our customer and two different worker lease / temp agencies has been positively addressed.

Received Summarized decision and rejection of all claim made by a former associate who claimed to have discriminated against a domestic consumer in the context of rejection of promotion, transfers and dismissals. Major domestic employers with tens of thousands of employees have routinely carried out 50 government audits for major domestic employers on a wide range of regulatory topics, from pay and hourly performance to attachment of wages to state and municipal vacation laws.

Substantial information gained from these reviews was processed for use as resources and as a component of customer on-line HR compliancy management tool. US subsidiary in class action lawsuit Employers alleged ly in lawsuit against a former manager for violation of trust obligation and abuse of company values.

Successfully resolved several cases of unfair labour practices indictments following trade union activities.

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