Christian Debt Relief

Debt relief for Christians

They can try a prayer for debt relief, but believe it or not, there are truly Christian led debt relief programs that share your positive ideals and values. The right Christian answer, which is indispensable for overcoming the debt relief crises, says CMF. Often it is simple to point the fingers at others, but as Christians we have to live Christian business as well. "This was the awkward news from the Christian Medical Fellowship as the wealthiest nations in the globe - the G8 - declared their willingness to pay off the 40 billion dollars (22 billion pounds; 33 billion euros) of debt that 18 mainly Africans owe.

On the eve of the July Scottish Council the G8 Treasury Secretaries in London reached agreement on the EU financial stimulus packages. Commenting on the decision, CMF General Secretary Peter Saunders said: "The global debt crises have a serious negative impact on global public morale through the socioeconomic impact of savings policies that are being forced on poor nations by financial institutions.

Poor living conditions are the major reasons why infants are not inoculated, why infants get Ruhr from contaminated waters, why medicines and other therapies are not available and why half a million women lose their life every year at birth needlessly. When we ignore impoverishment, we cannot handle healthcare. Over the years, safe potable and safe waters, appropriate sanitary facilities, food and good quality food and training have helped save far more lives than any individual piece of healthcare that is directly related to disease.

"The legacy of the colonial era, economical maladministration, warmongering and bribery have all contributed to the debilitation of emerging markets' national economies. However, a big issue was the need for already insolvent states to pay back debt to the banking and nation systems of the advanced worlds. We welcome the G8 Treasury Ministers' move to do something good about the issue and wish to urge them to expand the action to other states.

However, are we really much better as UK Christians? "Maybe the global debt crises are an occasion for us as Christians to put our own houses in order" More information: It is a charitable organisation affiliated with some 65 similar organisations in other parts of the globe. The CMF is to bring together Christian physicians to uphold the highest moral standard in Christian and vocational lives and to strengthen belief in Christ and adoption of his moral doctrine.

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