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The CIMB Preferred, the preferred banking service of Malaysia-based CIMB Bank, introduced the CIMB Preferred Visa INFINITE (PVI) credit card. I' m trying to reserve and when it processes the payment, does it only take Malaysian credit cards or any credit cards because I see a CIMB banking process? Bench CIMB Niaga Tbk PT brand value:

The CIMB Preferred introduces a new credit card based on photovoltaic (PVI) technology

The CIMB Preferred, the preferred bank services of the Malaysia-based CIMB Bank, had introduced the CIMB Preferred Visa INFINITE (PVI) credit card. The CIMB Preferred Members receive important information on managing their assets through e-newsletters or thematic workshops that deliver the latest information, forecasts and forecasts for the global finance markets and new product developments.

Credit cards also offer advantages when traveling, eating and making purchases throughout the ASEAN area. The CIMP Group, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, currently has operations in eight out of ten ASEAN countries, among them Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam and Myanmar.

The CIMB Niaga and JCB partner to issue cards and trade....

CIMB Niaga Tbk Bank, the fifth largest bank in Bali and PT. of JCB International Co, Ltd., JCB International Tunisia, a wholly owned affiliate of JCB International Co, Ltd. announce the start of the credit card issuing and merchants' acquisition partnerships. Given the increasing number of Japan businessmen and tourist visitors to the country, the development of the dealer acquisition activities in the country will offer an adoption of JCB card that can be used in the country.

CIMB Niaga and JCB are due to start acquisition in July 2013 and are prepared to use the JCB card as a means of payments, with Jakarta and Bali as the first focal points. With JCB as the new credit card issuance principals, CIMB Niaga has more credit card offerings to address the wealthy segment.

The new CIMB Niaga JCB credit card will offer card members advantages with the significant number of JCB dealers throughout East Asia, in particular in Japan, Korea and China, as many of the card members travel from this sector to these states. The CIMB Niaga and JCB will introduce the CIMB Niaga JCB credit card in early 2014.

The credit card products will give card holders a powerful and interesting advantage when travelling, buying and eating. "JCB's relationship with one of Indonesia's premier banking institutions is a significant leap forward for JCB to strengthen its footprint in this market," said Hiroshi Terada, Director of JCB International. "The CIMB Niaga is a fast-growing card store that offers its clients a wide range of advantages, especially those offered to its premier clients such as Golf and Delicatessen.

CIMB Niaga's global service portfolio is uniquely positioned to complement JCB's global service offerings to CIMB Niaga's diverse customer base. "Terada added: "The CIMB Niaga dealer selection networks will offer more comfort to JCB Cardmembers who visit Indonesia both from abroad and resident in Indonesia. Since the number of JCB card members in Asia is growing rapidly, it will be of great advantage to CIMB Niaga's dealers to be able to better service their clients through an extra credit card facility.

" Commenting on the decision, he said: "With the successful outcome of this relationship, we want to extend our relationship with the CIMB Group to the entire ASEAN area. "Samir Gupta, CIMB Niaga's Retail Banking Director, said the relationship with JCB demonstrated CIMB Niaga's dedication to serving our consumers with more and more cutting-edge technology.

CIMB Niaga is currently one of the country's leading Japan Desk banking institutions and one of the world' fastest-growing institutions for expanding counterparty activity in Japan. CIMB Niaga's commitment to expanding its JCB relationship in Indonesia was driven by the strength of JCB's credit card operations throughout East Asia, particularly in Japan, China and Korea.

"Conversely, with the rapidly growing Indonesian tourism sector and more and more travellers in Indonesia, JCB Credit Card will be a good choice to be launched in this area. Niaga and JCB can work with this CIMB in this relationship and jointly expand the business," Samir said.

Mr Samir added that the relationship between CIMB Niaga and JCB would hopefully raise CIMB Niaga's profile in the credit card sector and raise the number of credit card owners and the CIMB Niaga card population.

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