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Credit card Citibank

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40,000 mile CitiAdvantage card + $200 credit and waived fee!

"Only surfing " can do a great deal of good, and apparently that also applies to credit card transactions. Recently, in search of a flight, we found an offering that was certainly new to us - and really a piece of cake. Citi American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Card seems to have a widespread offering, with a zero annuity charge and a massive credit, not to speak of a pile of mileage!

As we were rummaging and drawing a pass, we made a take-off. $683 was displayed with the Citi AAdvantage Platinum card next to it as $483. In fact, this was not a $50 charge credit or even a $100 charge credit, but $200 over every American Airlines deal in the first year.

And the best part: We were not signed in and the quote was simple to replicate! Over and above the $200 Charge Balance, 40,000 award mileage will be offered if you spend only $2,000 in the first three month with no charge. To our amazement, the annuity has also been renounced here. That means you get $200 from every American Airlines pass and 40,000 free mileage in the first year.

Obviously, as with all tickets, there's no requirement to keep the ticket after the first year in which the annuity is due - but if you're a faithful American Airlines pilot, you might want to. We' re not getting anything from splitting this card deal. All right. The card is also a winning card on other tiers, such as priorityboarding and free check-in.

Featuring a reduced annuity and 200 dollars almost immediately savings on your travels, there's not much to loose! Combine the No-Feel-Citi card with the $95 non-neglected Barclay's Aviator Red card completely with 50,000 award points on your first buy and 10% of the award points when you cash in - and you've got 95,000 AAdvantage award points and $200 against an U.S. fare for $95 all in.

95,000 mileage can be a long way, and after a few month of expenses, 100,000 mileage will take you even further.

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