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Credit card application Citibank

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CREDITS CARTERS HIT CREDITS! See Cashback Credit Card and Official APR Examples for more information. See Best Balance Transfers & Official APR Examples for more information. See Low Cost Credit Card Loans & Official APR Examples for more information. In principle she has a business credit card for work (works for a large engineer's office) and when she is traveling, it is used for groceries, petrol, flights, hotel's etc.

Today she received an e-mail saying they will change suppliers on February 20 and all Citibank company credit card will be delivered, and to receive one, each individual must submit an application on-line on the Citi website. Well, now her credit's not very good at all. However, there were many failed transactions, delayed transactions etc before and some credit card transactions were done in the way of morcroft etc.

Well, her credit's very bad. Will she be able to apply for corporate loans? It is very high up in the firm and it would be very awkward to be refused - plus a lot of traveling without a credit card would be very tricky due to the type of deal.

City Bank Optimizes Refocusing Program to Promote Credit Card Registrations in Malaysia

The Citibank raised convert rates by 42% in a recent re-targeting drive to create new platform card apps in Malaysia using DG Mediamind's unique optimisation tools. Advertising company uses Smart Versioning to enable advertisers to administer a number of advertising media and deliver focused messages to target groups.

MEC Malaysia Deputy Managing Partner Nicholas Goh says the Citibank re-targeting initiative has merged with the GD features to optimise more than 80 banner ads across consumer behaviour for better converting results. Citibank's Citibank live customer service initiative began earlier this year to advertise its new Reward Platinum credit card to Malaysia on-line consumers.

The MEC and Splash Interactive had to design the work flow, re-targeting sequences and strategies for the three-month long ad campaigns, which were implemented in two stages. During the first six-week period, the consumer was confronted with posters from different food, travelling and entertaining category, showing different creative people and message. During the second stage, the squad performed a mid-campaign review to re-target those who logged on to the circuitards.

Following the converting, flags were displayed on the bank's website to advertise other advantages, rewards and discounts for the card. Consequently, DG said the survey was attracting 42 per cent more credit card application inquiries than a prior re-targeting survey that had no behavioural part. Advertising agencies also argued that the total turnaround times were shortened as it took Splash just three working day to create 87 different version ads from their tools using an Excel function.

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